It's one thing to post pictures of dying and decaying Sears and Kmart stores on Twitter and Facebook. There is a particular level of sadness that emanates from that Apple device while sharing these creepy photos with a social community. Brian Sozzi of Belus Capital Advisors perhaps put it best behind the scenes: "wow, here is a household name company disappearing right in front of your eyes!" However, there is one huge happening at Sears Holding Corporation that nobody is talking about, except us at TheStreet. Unbeknownst to many, there has been an acceleration of store closures at both Sears and Kmart post holiday and BEFORE the company's recent loss per share report. No press releases have been issued. The Sears PR team has offered a boilerplate statement with little compassion to lost jobs from stores that have been staples of the community for 30+ years. We dive deeper in the real-time liquidation at your mom's favorite retailer.

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Brian Sozzi is the CEO and Chief Equities Strategist of Belus Capital Advisors. He is responsible for developing and managing an equities portfolio of mid- and large-cap positions, in addition to leading the firm's digital content initiatives. He is also a personal finance columnist for Men's Health magazine.