10 Surprisingly Worthless Pieces of Military Memorabilia

What could mean the most for one person, could be worthless to others. Here are some military memorabilia that aren't work much online.
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Military memorabilia may have a lot of significance to it's owner, but online it's worthless.

Here are some military memorabilia that are high in supply but low in demand.

1. World War II ration-related items
Lowest price on eBay: 1 cent

2. Civil War bullets
Lowest price on eBay: 99 cents for a set of 17

3. World War II victory medal
Lowest price on eBay: $3.99

4. Challenge coins
Lowest price on eBay: $9

5. U.S. World War II helmets
Lowest price on eBay: $19.99

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