'The Volatility Will Be With Us for a While,' Says NYSE Trader

A trader on the floor of the NYSE discusses the markets, earnings season, and oil.
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What should investors watch in the markets? 

Tim Anderson, managing director at TJM Investments, spoke to TheStreet about the markets, oil and what he expects from earnings season. 

When investors are seeing rallies that move 400 or 500 points in either direction, what should they be thinking?

"I do think that the volatility is going to be with us for a while," Anderson said. "Maybe not to the real extremes that we saw right at the end of the year."

Anderson backtracked, bringing up the markets in the beginning of 2018. "Let's look at the beginning of the year and let's contrast it to where we started in the beginning of 2018, when--on the heels of a very positive 2017--everybody was bullish and everything was great and everyone was optimistic and they just expected that it was going to be a bull market all year long," explained Anderson. "That lasted for about a month and then you had the trade stuff start to kick in, you had a number of other factors come into play and we have this big move to the downside."

Going into this year "we had a lot of...caution. Excessive caution. Maybe even pessimism," Anderson said. He continued, saying that there has been lots of talk about a potential recession.

Anderson said that he doesn't believe that there will be a recession in 2019.