Hey Millennials, Need Some Investing Advice?

Stressing about investing? CEO of M1 Finance, an investment app, gives his tips for new investors.
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You don't have to be afraid to invest. 

Brian Barnes, CEO of M1 Finance--an app that allows users to create an automated investment portfolio for free--sat down with TheStreet to discuss automated investing and what he's learned about investing.

Barnes has been investing since he was 8 years old so, besides for running a company that focuses on helping to educate and make investing more user-friendly, it's safe to say he's been around the block once or twice. 

"Get involved earlier than you might even feel comfortable getting involved. The nice thing...it's almost a benefit when you're young, that if you make mistakes, it's not with giant sums of money," said Barnes. "So, the worst thing that can possibly happen is you wait 20 years, you now have a sizable nest egg that you're managing."

"You're making mistakes with that, which is more catastrophic, and you didn't use the past 20 years to learn what you should be doing, learn that some things...you know, sometimes the market goes down and it's out of your control, and not to overreact or sort of how things ebb and flow. And so, it's really, get involved, put your money to work, and just be invested at all times," he continued.

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