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Expect Great Things: A History of Kohl's

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There's no doubt that you (or your grandmother) have shopped there, but how well do you know the history of one of America's top department stores? 

If you're looking for a tale of the American Dream, you can't do much better than the tale of Kohl's (KSS) .

Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl worked at a variety of factories in the Milwaukee area until he saved enough money to open a small grocery store in 1927. From there, a single store grew into a chain of supermarkets that included modern innovations including in-store delis and bakeries. 

Then came the day that after having quite the dissatisfying experience when trying to buy a shirt, Kohl decided to give the business a go. The first Kohl's department store opened in 1962. 

After selling the business in 1972, it has since grown into a nationwide chain of over 1,000 stores. 

Where does Kohl's go from here? Only your unused Kohl's Cash and earnings report or two can tell. 

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