'A Cold War Against the United States Doesn't Help Anyone,' Says Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer breaks down his thoughts on China and the trade war.
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China's on the mind.

Jim Cramer wrote on the trade war in his Real Money column Friday, Jan. 25, 2019.

Here's what Cramer wrote:

More importantly, we have a president who doesn't seem to care about the profits some American companies may suffer from this trade war -- including one of our largest companies, Apple (AAPL) - Get Report -- a change from what you would expect from a Republican administration. Nor is the president a globalist -- like his predecessor, who almost seems to want a lesser-developed country's workers to do better to create a better worldwide employment situation even if it means sacrificing the future of some of our blue collar -- not white collar -- but blue collar workers here.

When asked to explain his thinking, Cramer responded, "I'm calling for a more sane world."

"I want real trade," he continued on TheStreet's morning show.

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This article is an editor's pick. It was first published Feb. 25, 2019.