The 2008 U.S. presidential election will have significant impact on the direction of the country, and particularly, the financial markets. In recognition of this, has begun an ongoing series where our reporters examine the investment holdings and affiliations of declared and likely 2008 presidential candidates.

To date, we have covered Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Christopher Dodd and Bill Richardson.

Sorting Through the Clintons' Finances
Once again, the former president's entanglements cast a long shadow on his wife.  

Picking Apart Obama's Stock Portfolio
Barack Obama's picks cast a curious light on the candidate.  
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Big Oil Ties Could Muck Up Richardson's Bid
The N.M. governor and presidential candidate has cashed in on his relationship with the industry.  

Candidates Put FEC on Hold
The early start to the presidential campaign didn't inspire candidates from either party to organize their finances.  

Parsing Dodd's Financial Ties
The Connecticut senator has a personal connection to the current executive compensation bill.  

Picking Apart McCain's Stock Portfolio
The Arizona senator's wealth is tied up in accounts in his wife and children's names.  

Checking Giuliani's Ties
He's 'America's mayor,' but Rudy Giuliani's client list skews toward the unknown.