Protect what you have and still boldly pursue upside opportunities

That's Ron Insana's Market Movers strategy and even in a turbulent market it gets results: His portfolio is up 46.18% YTD

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How does Ron Insana do it?

Let's start with experience. Ron has over 25 years of it. He's successfully run his own hedge fund. He has served as both a former lead anchor and current senior analyst for CNBC. And he's a leading financial journalist and author who's been analyzing the markets for years.

His hands-on experience in the financial industry gives him a depth of perspective few analysts can match.

But experience alone doesn't explain how Ron manages — even in today's uncertain market — to achieve a 46.18% YTD. Results like that come from countless hours searching for the best opportunities in bonds, REITS, options and equities. For example:

He gained 89.04% on Bank of America (BAC) in less than four months!

He made 131.09% in Hovnanian Enterprises in less than five months!

He made 65.57% in Hartford Financial Services (HIG) in less than four months!

Subscribers to his Market Movers service had the opportunity to get in on all these great returns!

And when Ron feels its best to re-strategize, he won't hesitate to do so. His recent move to a 100% cash position enables him to re-assess where he can best put his cash to work in the coming months. Which markets are now on his radar? Which stocks might become his next group of winners? Market Movers subscribers get to find out in his:

Weekly Outlooks — They position the week ahead and show you the flashpoints on Wall Street to capture today's greatest values.
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Market Movers Portfolio — They include a wide range of ticker symbols that highlight his personal investing landscape.
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As markets continue to stabilize, Ron Insana is ready for the next round of money-making opportunities — and so are his Market Movers subscribers. Why not join them? Your subscription begins with ...

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For the period from the inception of the Market Movers portfolio on 3/13/09 through 8/28/09, the portfolio's total average return was 46.18%. For the same period, the S&P 500 had a 14.14% total average return.

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- performance results for the portfolio do not reflect actual trading commissions that you may incur.
- performance results for the portfolio do not account for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity, that may affect your results.
- the stocks chosen for the portfolio may be volatile, and although the "purchase" or "sale" of a security in the portfolio will not be effected in the portfolio until confirmation that the email alert has been sent to all subscribers, delivery delays and other factors may cause the price you obtain to differ substantially from the price at the time the alert was sent.
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