Doug Kass has made a lot of laudable calls in The Edge, his daily trading diary on RealMoney Silver, and we wanted to let you in on a few of these calls so that you could see what you have been missing. Some of these calls have come to pass, while time will tell on others.

Toward the beginning of a new year, Doug makes a list of possible surprises for the year ahead, and this year was no different. You can view his full list of 20 surprises for 2008 by clicking here.

A number of his surprises have already seen the light of day (or dark of night, as the case may be).

Would you like more of these types of prescient prognostications from Doug Kass? Do you want to see how his time-will-tell predictions come to pass and, more importantly, how to manage the market should his more dire forecasts rear their ugly heads? Do you want to stay ahead of the tape with his more immediate and concrete calls? Well, your best bet for a direct line to Kassí commentary in real-time is a subscription to RealMoney Silver. Click here for a free trial.


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