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Some will call it an addiction, others will call it an
obsession, a few might even say it's a compulsion

Call it what you may, but whatever it is, it has allowed Jim Cramer to produce some of the most consistent returns in Wall Street’s history.

You don’t get to the top of Wall Street’s ladder without taking each rung one step at a time; and, in a few instances, you even take a couple steps backwards. It’s no different when your name is Jim Cramer; it is a path that all serious investors must go down.

However, in Jim Cramer’s new book Confessions of a Street Addict, Jim details how at a very young age, he discovered that “street smarts” held double meaning if you were going to be successful on Wall Street. Not only do you have to know the markets inside and out, but you also have to know the players of the game, AND, which ones you can trust – that will ultimately lead to putting all of the chips on your side of the table.

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In typical Jim Cramer fashion, Confessions of a Street Addict is a hard hitting, no holds barred account of not only the movers and shakers who control Wall Street’s inner sanctum, but a revealing introspection by Cramer of himself.

Brutal, funny, insightful, Confessions of a Street Addict illustrates how Jim conquered the same challenges you face in your everyday personal investing. The ups, the downs, the victories and the defeats, Jim covers them all and shows you what you must do to stay off the roller coaster and come out on top. All of this and more is revealed, along with his insider account of what really goes on inside the trading rooms and boardrooms of the Wall Street elite.

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