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Disney World's Epcot Changing New Attraction After Budget Cuts

Budget cuts have altered plans for an attraction at Disney World's Epcot.

Ever since Disney World in Orlando, Fla., opened in 1971, the theme park operator has been working to explore the limits of what imagination can build. The property spans over 25,000 acres and has water parks, theme parks, hotels, golf courses, a camp site, and other venues and shopping.

Disney's themed attractions and rides are in perpetual repair and reinvention to stay as relevant as possible. This theory that Disney World needed to be working in a constant effort to bring new attractions and entertainment has proven to be a successful one over the span of over 50 years in operation.

Whenever an iconic or fan favorite Disney attraction needs repair or falls into irrelevance, the Imagineering team at Disney has already begun to think about what will happen next. The team constantly works to bring new and innovative ways to attract fans to return and new tourists to visit.

Former Disney Imagineer Shares Disney’s Plans

Disney doesn’t always share the ideas of its Imagineering team since just because it is an idea doesn’t always mean that is what Disney will decide to build. Former Disney Imagineer Jim Shull shared a reimagined Epcot site on his Twitter. This site next to the Journey of Water, a water garden inspired by "Moana" that opens in 2023, was reimagined before covid hit. The new design was going to include a lot of green space and shade for guests. Twitter followers already started to complain about the design stating that shade without seating wasn’t really a perk. 

The former World Celebration Festival Center plans included a multi-level structure that would host live performances, and, on another level, there would be a park. Budget cuts at Disney has the team of Imagineers back at work revisiting the plans for the World Celebration Festival Center. Budget cuts to the project have resulted in a downsize to a single-story building. The new structure will be called CommuniCore Hall, but Disney has not yet revealed specific plans for the new addition. 

Time to Change

Disney has seen some major changes over the last week, including the immediate departure of CEO Bob Chapek. The former CEO had been at the helm at Disney  (DIS) - Get Free Report since Bob Iger retired in 2020. Iger did stay on as the Disney board's executive chairman until 2021. 

Changes with leadership could mean more changes are coming.

"I know this company has asked so much of you during the past three years, and these times certainly remain quite challenging, but as you have heard me say before, I am an optimist, and if I learned one thing from my years at Disney, it is that even in the face of uncertainty -perhaps especially in the face of uncertainty -our employees and Cast Members achieve the impossible," Iger wrote in his first email to Disney staff on his return.

Disney has always been about change and innovation. Walt Disney said it best when he proclaimed the theme parks would never be finished. The parks will grow and change as time passes and new things come to light and with more imagination more things are possible.