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Virtus Funds - 10 Best Virtus Mutual Funds

Top-Rated Mutual Funds

Virtus is a global investment management firm that manages investments for over 8 million people worldwide. Bill Gross is the founder of PIMCO -- PIMCO & Allianz Funds are now Virtus Funds.

Top-Rated Virtus, PIMCO, & Allianz Funds as of 8/31/21

Fund Name, Ticker, Overall Rating, (Risk Grade)

  1. Virtus AllianzGI Convertible A  (ANZAX) - Get AllianzGI Convertible Fund A Report A+ (B-) 
  2. Virtus AllianzGI Water A  (AWTAX) - Get AllianzGI Global Water A Report A+ (C) 
  3. Virtus KAR Mid Cap Growth A  (PHSKX) - Get Virtus KAR Mid-Cap Growth A Report A (C) 
  4. Virtus KAR Small Mid Cap Core A VKSAX A (C) 
  5. Virtus Silvant LC Gro Stock A  (STCIX) - Get Virtus Silvant Lg Cap Growth Stk A Report A- (C) 
  6. Virtus AllianzGI Cr Pls Bd R ACOSX A- (C) 
  7. Virtus Seix Hi Grade Muni Bd A  (SFLTX) - Get Virtus Seix High Grade Muni Bond A Report A- (C) 
  8. Virtus SGA Global Growth A  (SGAAX) - Get Virtus SGA Global Growth A Report A- (C) 
  9. Virtus KAR Mid Cap Core A  (VMACX) - Get Virtus KAR Mid-Cap Core A Report B+ (C) 
  10. Virtus AllianzGI Gl Sust A ASUAX B+ (C) 

TheStreet Ratings' mutual fund rating model compiles and examines financial data on a monthly basis to gauge a mutual fund's risk-adjusted return compared to its competitors.

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The 10 PIMCO and Allianz mutual funds (listed above) are ranked highest by TheStreet Ratings' methodology.

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