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Value Funds - 20 Best Value-Stock Mutual Funds

Top-Rated Mutual Funds

Top-Rated Value Mutual Funds as of 5/31/22

Fund Name, Ticker, Overall Rating, (Risk Grade)

  1. Brown Advisory Beutel Gm LCV Inst  (BVALX)  A+ (C+) 
  2. TSW Large Cap Value Inst  (TSWEX) - Get TS & W Equity Portfolio Instl Cl Report A+ (C+) 
  3. Fidelity Series Intrinsic Opp  (FDMLX) - Get Fidelity Series Intrinsic Opportunities Fund Report A+ (C+) 
  4. Vanguard Global Capital Cycles Inv  (VGPMX) - Get Vanguard Global Capital Cycles Fund Investor Shares Report A+ (C+) 
  5. EIC Value A  (EICVX) - Get EIC Value Fd Cl A Report A+ (C+) 
  6. Fidelity Flex Intrinsic Opptys FFNPX A+ (C+) 
  7. Fidelity Growth and Income  (FGRIX) - Get Fidelity Growth and Income Pt Report A+ (C+) 
  8. Vanguard Mega Cap Value Index I  (VMVLX) - Get Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Value Index Fund Instirtutional Shs Report A+ (C+) 
  9. Cambiar Opportunity Fund Inv  (CAMOX) - Get Cambiar Opportunity Fund Portfolio Investor Class Report A+ (C+) 
  10. Fidelity Series Large Cap Stock  (FGLGX) - Get Fidelity Series Large Cap Stock Fund Report A+ (C+) 
  11. Hennessy Cornerstone Val Investor  (HFCVX) - Get Hennessy Cornerstone Value Fd Inv Cl Report A+ (C) 
  12. Schwab Fundm US Large Co Index  (SFLNX) - Get Schwab Fundamental US Lg Company Index Fund Insti Shs Report A+ (C+) 
  13. Fidelity Value Discovery Fd  (FVDFX) - Get Fidelity Value Discovery Report A+ (C+) 
  14. Fidelity Value Discovery K6  (FDVKX) - Get Fidelity Value Discovery K6 Fund Report A+ (C+) 
  15. J Hancock VIT Fund LC Val II JADJX A+ (C+) 
  16. Thrivent Large Cap Value S  (TLVIX) - Get Thrivent Large Cap Value Fund Report A+ (C+) 
  17. Fidelity Low Priced Stock K6  (FLKSX) - Get Fidelity Low-Priced Stock K6 Fund Report A+ (C+) 
  18. Vanguard Value Index Adm  (VVIAX) - Get Vanguard Value Index Fd Admiral Shs Report A+ (C+) 
  19. Neuberger Berman Large Cap Val A  (NPNAX) - Get Neuberger Berman Large Cap Value Cl A Report A+ (C) 
  20. Fidelity Large Cap Stock K6 FCLKX A+ (C+)

The 20 value mutual funds (listed above) are ranked highest by TheStreet Ratings' methodology.

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