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Top-Rated Small Cap Mutual Funds as of 5/31/21

Fund Name, Ticker, Overall Rating, (Risk Grade)

  1. Needham Small Cap Growth Retail  (NESGX) - Get Report A+ (C)
  2. Fidelity Low Priced Stock K6  (FLKSX) - Get Report A+ (C+)
  3. Fidelity OTC Portfolio Fd  (FOCPX) - Get Report A+ (C)
  4. Rational Dynamic Brands A  (HSUAX) - Get Report A+ (C)
  5. Paradigm Select  (PFSLX) - Get Report A+ (C)
  6. Jacob Discovery Inv  (JMCGX) - Get Report A+ (C-)
  7. J Hancock Small Cap Core I  (JCCIX) - Get Report A (C)
  8. FMI Common Stock Investor  (FMIMX) - Get Report A (C)
  9. Driehaus Small Cap Growth Investor DVSMX A (C-)
  10. FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Inv  (QRSVX) - Get Report A- (C)
  11. T Rowe Price New Horizons  (PRNHX) - Get Report A- (C-)
  12. Congress Small Cap Growth Retail  (CSMVX) - Get Report A- (C-)
  13. Jacob Small Cap Growth Investor  (JSCGX) - Get Report A- (C-)
  14. Virtus KAR Small Cap Value A  (PQSAX) - Get Report A- (C)
  15. North Star Micro Cap I  (NSMVX) - Get Report A- (C-)
  16. Lisanti Small Cap Growth  (ASCGX) - Get Report A- (C-)
  17. Victory Munder Small Cap Growth A  (MASCX)  A- (C-)
  18. Oberweis Global Opportunities Inv  (OBEGX) - Get Report A- (C-)
  19. Huber Small Cap Value Inv  (HUSIX) - Get Report A- (C-)
  20. Aegis Value I  (AVALX) - Get Report A- (C-)

The 20 small-cap mutual funds (listed above) are ranked highest by TheStreet Ratings' methodology.

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