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Bond Funds - 20 Best Mutual Bond Funds

Top-Rated Mutual Funds

Top-Rated Bond Mutual Funds as of 4/30/22

Fund Name, Ticker, Overall Rating, (Risk Grade)

  1. Vanguard ST Inf Prot Sec Idx Adm  (VTAPX) - Get Vanguard Sh-Trm Inf-Prtc Sec Idx Ad Report A+ (A) 
  2. iShares ShTrm TIPS Bond Idx Inv A BAIPX A+ (A) 
  3. SEI Inst Inv Tr Real Return Plus Fd  (RRPAX) - Get SEI Real Return A (SIIT) Report A+ (A-) 
  4. SEI Institutional Mgd Real Return F  (SRAAX) - Get SEI Inst Mgd Tr-Real Return F Report A+ (A-) 
  5. Sit Quality Income Fund S  (SQIFX) - Get Sit Quality Income Report A+ (A+) 
  6. Invesco Sh Dur Infl Pro A  (LMTAX) - Get Invesco Short Dur Inflat Protec A Report A+ (A-) 
  7. RiverPark Sht Tm High Yield Rtl  (RPHYX) - Get RiverPark Short Term High Yield Rtl Report A+ (A+) 
  8. T Rowe Price Ltd Dur Inf Foc Bd  (TRBFX) - Get T. Rowe Price Ltd Dur Infl Focus Bd Report A+ (B+) 
  9. American Century SD Inf Prot Bd A  (APOAX) - Get American Century ShDu Infl Prot A Report A+ (B+) 
  10. Fidelity Flex Conservative Muni Inc FUEMX A+ (A+) 
  11. Invesco Short Term Muni A  (ORSTX) - Get Invesco Short Term Muni A Report A+ (A+) 
  12. Fidelity Flex Conservative Inc Bond FJTDX A+ (A+) 
  13. AAAMCO Ultrashort Financing I REPOX A+ (A+) 
  14. DFA Short Dur Real Ret Port Instl  (DFAIX) - Get DFA Short-Duration Real Return Inst Report A+ (B+) 
  15. Fidelity Series Inf Pro Bd Idx  (FSIPX) - Get Fidelity Series Infla-Prot Bd Idx Report A+ (B+) 
  16. DWS ESG Liquidity Fund Capital ESIXX A+ (A+) 
  17. TIAA CREF Infltn Linkd Bd Retail  (TCILX) - Get TIAA-CREF Infltn Lnk Bd Retail Report A+ (B+) 
  18. Changing Parameters  (CPMPX) - Get Changing Parameters Fund Report A+ (B) 
  19. Baird Ultra Short Bond Investor  (BUBSX) - Get Baird Ultra Short Bond Investor Report A+ (A+) 
  20. FPA Flexible Fixed Income Inst FPFIX A+ (A-)

The 20 bond mutual funds (listed above) are ranked highest by TheStreet Ratings' methodology.

Best Mutual Funds For 2022

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