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Asset Allocation Funds - 20 Best Asset Allocation

Top-Rated Mutual Funds

Top-Rated Asset Allocation Funds as of 5/31/21

Fund Name, Ticker, Overall Rating, (Risk Grade)

  1. Quantified Market Leaders Fund Inv  (QMLFX) - Get Report A+ (C)
  2. Quantified STF Advisor QSTAX A+ (C+)
  3. SEI Inst Mgd Tr Dyn Asset Alloc F  (SDYAX) - Get Report A+ (C+)
  4. Caldwell and Orkin Gator Cap LngSh  (COAGX) - Get Report A+ (C)
  5. SEI Inst Inv Dynamic Asset All A  (SDLAX) - Get Report A+ (C)
  6. Vanguard Diversified Equity Inv  (VDEQX) - Get Report A (C)
  7. Poplar Forest Cornerstone Inv  (IPFCX) - Get Report A (C+)
  8. GMO Global Develope Eqty Alloc III  (GWOAX) - Get Report B+ (C+)
  9. Teberg Fund  (TEBRX) - Get Report B+ (C)
  10. Toews Hedged US Opportunity  (THSMX) - Get Report B+ (B+)
  11. Toews Hedged US  (THLGX) - Get Report B (B+)
  12. Redwood Sys Macro Trend SMT N RWSNX B (B)
  13. Spectrum Low Volatility Inv  (SVARX) - Get Report B- (B+)
  14. Permanent Portfolio A  (PRPDX) - Get Report B- (B-)
  15. Fairholme Allocation  (FAAFX) - Get Report B- (B-)
  16. Columbia Adaptive Ret 2050 Adv CARSX B- (B-)
  17. Columbia Adaptive Ret 2060 Adv CARKX B- (B-)
  18. TIAA CREF Lifecycle Index 2040 Prmr  (TLPRX) - Get Report C+ (C+)
  19. Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Inv  (VASGX) - Get Report C+ (C+)
  20. Fidelity Freedom 2030  (FFFEX) - Get Report C+ (B-)

The 20 asset-allocation mutual funds (listed above) are ranked highest by TheStreet Ratings' methodology.

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