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Join Gregg Greenberg every Friday as he skewers Wall Street's bad actors, lampoons their worst ideas and makes a show of the five dumbest things on Wall Street this week -- a weekly tradition since 2001.

'Dumbest' Video of the Week

Did you know that this is the 100th anniversary of daylight saving time? Watch this video for more facts about the biannual event.
3/11/18 8:20AM

5 Dumbest on Wall St.

Sexy can't save SodaStream, Intercept's stock discovered gravity and Elon Musk's star power sways investors, all as part of Gregg Greenberg's latest roundup of the dumbest news from the financial halls of power.
1/17/14 7:00AM
General Mills' tries a Seinfeld schtick, Select gets shellacked, Madoff's bankers pay up and more, all on this week's 5 Dumbest Things on Wall Street.
1/10/14 7:00AM
The 'Dumbest' lab says bye to BlackBerry and fingers Avon's ugliness among other corporate foolishness this week.
11/8/13 7:00AM
Ron Johnson, Perpetual Dumbest Thing, returns, along with Sohu and Groupon's Andrew Mason.
3/8/13 7:00AM
Martha Stewart, Live Nation and Vivus - among others - make this week's list of the biggest business bloopers.
3/1/13 7:00AM
Burger King, Wal-Mart and Heinz make the cut -- to their dismay -- in the list of the biggest business bloopers.
2/22/13 7:00AM
Cars, boats and, er, a fat-zapping belt -- none of which work properly -- made shareholders cringe.
2/15/13 7:00AM
We start in Italy and end in Washington D.C., taking in Vegas (casinos) and California (PCs). Oh, yeah: more Herbalife.
2/8/13 7:00AM
The Herbalife saga gets more insane. Plus, Yum's bad chicken, Penney's backpedaling, Tupperware's elitism and Chesapeake's good, old boy rides into the sunset.
2/1/13 7:00AM
Gregg Greenberg skewers the biggest companies that made the best bloopers.
1/25/13 7:00AM
The culprits this week include Boeing, Given Imaging, Facebook, Herbalife and HP.
1/18/13 8:17AM
This week, we travel from New York to Omaha to North Korea to round up the biggest bloopers in business.
1/11/13 9:28AM
These events are virtually guaranteed to take place this year. Just wait and see.
1/4/13 8:06AM
In a year of outstanding stupidity, these take the cake.
12/28/12 7:00AM
In a year of stupidity in the corporate world, these stand out.
12/21/12 8:25AM