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The Securities Exchange Commission found that Merrill Lynch did not have proper trading controls in place to stop "mini-flash crashes" on particular stocks.
9/26/16 5:14PM
Twitter rises higher after hits historic gain last week fueled by buyout talks. Tesla shares accelerate, following an analyst report on the company's production schedule.
9/26/16 5:09PM
A massive data breach impacting over 500 million Yahoo users may cause company customers to be lost forever.
9/26/16 4:36PM
Kite Pharma's CAR-T therapy demonstrated a 39% response rate, including a 33% complete response rate, in patients with an aggressive form of lymphoma, the company said Tuesday.
9/26/16 4:32PM
U.S. stocks ended near lows as Wall Street grew restless ahead of the first presidential debate.
9/26/16 4:18PM
Shares of the Swiss offshore driller were among the top of the S&P 500 Monday.
9/26/16 3:46PM
Andrew Left says cracking down on Big Pharma may be all that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common.
9/26/16 3:45PM
Disney may be interested in potentially acquiring Twitter, according to a report.
9/26/16 3:43PM
Attacking Big Pharma price gougers may be all that unifies the candidates ahead of tonight's debate.
9/26/16 3:42PM
Steakhouses tend to suffer when stocks turn down and Wall Street tightens up. Luckily, there is more to the STK experience than power lunches, said ONE Group CEO Jonathan Segal.
9/26/16 3:36PM
The Federal Reserve desire to move interest rates away from crisis-era levels is a double-edged sword for bond investors.
9/26/16 3:31PM
The messaging upstart's track record shows why its Spectacles video-recording sunglasses shouldn't be taken lightly, even if big questions remain.
9/26/16 3:23PM
Life guards signaling to exit water and even leave the beach when it comes back to the Nasdaq tidal wave.
9/26/16 3:20PM
Monday's market downturn could be a sign of what's to come. One fund manager sees more volatility ahead of the U.S, presidential election.
9/26/16 3:18PM
Driving sector performance are a recent series of mergers and acquisitions, including Horizon Pharma's purchase of Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. Then there's the political boost...
9/26/16 3:17PM
Mastercard has its eye on more expansion in Africa, recently announcing a partnership for remittance services.
9/26/16 3:09PM
On the 56th anniversary of the Kennedy-Nixon debate, a showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shows fissures in the system
9/26/16 3:02PM
The fallout continues from Wells Fargo's cross-selling scandal, with CLSA analyst Mike Mayo calling for CEO John Stumpf to forego some of his pay and consider relinquishing the chairman's role.
9/26/16 2:42PM
Stocks hold near session lows by mid-afternoon Monday as Wall Street grows restless ahead of the first presidential debate.
9/26/16 2:38PM
Here is why it will get worse before it gets better for this famous hotel and casino chain.
9/26/16 2:17PM
The volatility surrounding news events can increase rapidly, increasing the likelihood that the positions retail futures traders have taken can wind up being unprofitable.
9/26/16 2:13PM
Don't bet on a stock surge heading into the end of the year. And don't expect the Federal Reserve to hike rates anytime soon either
9/26/16 1:59PM
Here's your investment strategy from Colin Martin, director of fixed income at Charles Schwab.
9/26/16 1:57PM
Will Verizon receive a price adjustment on its $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo! amid its data breach? Jim Cramer weighs in.
9/26/16 1:40PM
The operator of Chicago Board Options Exchange has agreed to acquire Bats Global markets for $3.2 billion.
9/26/16 1:39PM
Oil rose Monday on speculation of a possible production cap but the realities of the market will keep it below $50 no matter what promises are made in Algeria.
9/26/16 1:27PM
The software giant has been displaying considerable momentum lately. Here is why it is a smart bet.
9/26/16 1:13PM
A proposed rule that requires more capital for the largest banks might hurt JPMorgan and Wells Fargo, but separate changes could benefit smaller banks.
9/26/16 12:46PM
Nike is facing several headwinds right now that could continue to weigh on its stock.
9/26/16 12:21PM
The company has spent $600 million weighing a potential breakup.
9/26/16 12:17PM
Jim Cramer says Nike could still go up long term, but it has some competition now. But Cramer says he does like Foot Locker.
9/26/16 12:15PM
October will bring with it the arrival of a new Nerf drone by Hasbro weeks before the holiday season kicks into gear.
9/26/16 12:02PM
You've been so busy saving in your retirement accounts, but you haven't learned the best way to withdraw money in your golden years. Follow these techniques.
9/26/16 11:58AM
Plenty of issues will be on the table at Monday's highly-anticipated presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, including ones tied to the economy, money and your pocketbook.
9/26/16 11:46AM
Failure is very profitable for Pain Therapeutics CEO Remi Barbier.
9/26/16 11:41AM
Twitter shares are selling off over a downgrade due to soft metrics, but some suitors might be looking at it as a customer retention tool, not an advertising business
9/26/16 11:38AM
Markets may not move much heading into year-end, but if the opportunity does arise then investors would do well to pick up some "disruptive" technology and shale-focused energy stocks
9/26/16 11:37AM
Nike is set to report fiscal first quarter earnings on Tuesday after the markets close.
9/26/16 11:27AM
Stocks are expensive worldwide and those high valuations makes them vulnerable to bad news.
9/26/16 11:26AM
Oil prices are being propped up by OPEC grandstanding and jawboning, not reality, says Jim Cramer
9/26/16 11:22AM
Stocks are lower Monday as Wall Street's attention shifts to the looming presidential debate from central bank policy.
9/26/16 11:20AM
Amazon and Nvidia operate in high-demand areas and have significantly increased in value over the past five years.
9/26/16 11:08AM
Shares of Twitter were lower Monday after Oppenheimer downgraded its rating on the stock to UNDERPERFORM from PERFORM.
9/26/16 10:55AM
Carnival posted top- and bottom-line beats for its latest quarter.
9/26/16 10:50AM
Callaway Golf could see a jump in sales due to the tragic loss of the legendary Arnold Palmer.
9/26/16 10:36AM
The airlines said Monday they have agreed not to close their $4 billion deal until Oct. 17, delaying the Sept. 30 deadline for regulators to complete their review.
9/26/16 10:21AM
The retailer is poised to succeed where Target flamed out.
9/26/16 10:07AM
Buy mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that buy shares of those companies involved in takeovers.
9/26/16 10:04AM
U.S. stocks moved lower ahead of Monday's first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
9/26/16 9:53AM
The stocks that stand to do well under a Donald Trump presidency pointed to good things in the week leading up to the showdown.
9/26/16 9:39AM