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Dreadful quarters from Whole Foods are becoming commonplace.
7/27/16 6:09PM
The e-commerce giant should be able to pull off a solid quarter should retail and web services growth hold up.
7/27/16 5:21PM
Facebook beat Wall Street estimates posting second quarter earnings of $0.97 a share on revenue of $6.44 billion.
7/27/16 4:37PM
Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Pay accounts for 75% of contactless payments in the U.S. Facebook blows off 7 IRS summonses.
7/27/16 4:37PM
Easing worries over the economy helped to pull stocks out of the red, at least temporarily.
7/27/16 4:22PM
The gig economy is booming at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week, just as it was at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week.
7/27/16 4:18PM
Twitter's guidance suggests weak user growth and intense social ad competition have caught up with it. Investors appear to be running out of patience.
7/27/16 4:10PM
BMN 270 is one of the most important drugs in Biomarin's research pipeline and key driver of future revenue and earnings.
7/27/16 3:47PM
Slow economic growth in Europe is making U.S. technology firms more attractive as takeout plays, says David Golden, partner at Revolution Ventures.
7/27/16 3:42PM
Slow economic growth in Europe is making U.S. technology firms more attractive as takeout plays.
7/27/16 3:07PM
The bottom rungs of the high yield bond market are too pricey after the run-up since February, but the higher quality issues are still worth buying and holding.
7/27/16 3:05PM
The Fed is moving cautiously because weak May jobs growth caught the central bank by surprise, and Britain's decision to leave the EU only added to the upheaval.
7/27/16 3:04PM
The Dow Jones Industrial Average holds slight gains by late afternoon Wednesday after the Federal Reserve trumpets solid U.S. economic improvement.
7/27/16 2:51PM
These two financial services behemoths share many similarities and both are poised for growth. But which one is the better bet?
7/27/16 2:48PM
A small group of Alzheimer's patients treated with Anavex 2-73 are exhibiting signs of memory loss, faltering cognition and inability to take care of themselves over time.
7/27/16 2:38PM
Donald Trump's economic policies are not what the U.S. needs, according to one prominent economist in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. Here's why.
7/27/16 2:33PM
Ad revenue growth is expected to drive Facebook earnings, which are set for release Wednesday.
7/27/16 2:30PM
Twitter and Apple both faced low earnings expectations. Doug Kass looks at how they fared.
7/27/16 2:10PM
Is the stock finally ready to rise after treading water?
7/27/16 2:05PM
Cramer is 'encouraged' by what has the makings of momentum in high-profit, high-growth and highly predictable recurring revenue streams.
7/27/16 2:05PM
Donald Trump, like many politicians, takes advantage of the blurriness of media law to use songs such as Queen's 'We Are The Champions' despite protests by the artists themselves.
7/27/16 2:00PM
Twitter's disappointing earnings didn't help the social media site at all, as these charts show.
7/27/16 2:00PM
We believe the company is well on its way to spiraling out of control.
7/27/16 2:00PM
Two relatively new product lines gave Apple a sales boost against a backdrop of low expectations.
7/27/16 1:42PM
We all know that alcohol and driving don't mix, which is why Ford Motor's decision to team up with tequila producer Jose Cuervo caught our attention.
7/27/16 1:41PM
Interest rates headed up or down? Follow our live coverage of the July meeting of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy committee.
7/27/16 1:38PM
The global recovery continues apace, but it is shaky and vulnerable to a multitude of risks. XPO Logistics benefits from the economic recovery, without being overly dependent on it.
7/27/16 1:30PM
Mobile, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus all appear to be doing well, but the social media giant faces tough quarterly comparisons.
7/27/16 1:30PM
Instagram and Oculus have been fun to watch, but Facebook's advertising business has been the driver behind the stock's 16 percent rise so far in 2016.
7/27/16 1:28PM
Jim Cramer breaks down Coca-Cola's earnings which he says are not as good as PepsiCo's numbers.
7/27/16 1:28PM
Jim Cramer is keeping an eye on quarterly results from Facebook and Alphabet.
7/27/16 1:04PM
Apple surprised Wall Street to the upside in its second quarter report because analysts misread supplier inventories and demand for iPhone parts, says Jim Cramer.
7/27/16 12:57PM
Jim Cramer was disappointed with Twitter's latest quarterly earnings call.
7/27/16 12:54PM
Twitter is hoping fresh content will lure new users and advertisers alike, because nothing else is.
7/27/16 12:53PM
After taking a breather from a rally, this undervalued tobacco giant is now a smart buy in an overbought market.
7/27/16 12:40PM
Jim Cramer believes shares of Boeing are set to move higher following the company's second quarter profit report.
7/27/16 12:36PM
Boeing shares jumped Wednesday after the aircraft manufacturer reported a narrower second-quarter loss than analysts were expecting.
7/27/16 12:30PM
Jim Cramer is watching Linear Technology after Analog Devices agreed to buy the company for $14.8 billion.
7/27/16 12:28PM
Hawkish Fed governors have their opportunity to make the case for higher rates after this recent slew of positive economic news, says Jim Cramer.
7/27/16 12:22PM
Jim Cramer says Panera is doing very well as it continues to roll out new technology to improve the customer experience and increase ordering speed.
7/27/16 12:19PM
U.S. stocks were mixed as losses in Coca-Cola offset big gains for Apple.
7/27/16 11:59AM
Shares of Caterpillar may turn out to be a 'buy' despite it's disappointing earnings, according to Jim Cramer.
7/27/16 11:56AM
Coca-Cola results overseas were sluggish, notably in China.
7/27/16 11:44AM
The social media giant reports earnings today after the market closes. We sort through the hype to tell you what to expect.
7/27/16 11:11AM
Stocks turn mixed by mid-morning Wednesday as earnings-driven losses in Coca-Cola offset big gains for Apple.
7/27/16 11:05AM
If you think Hillary Clinton's headed to the White House, you may want to bet accordingly.
7/27/16 10:30AM
The telecom company has long been buried beneath its competition. However, good news has analysts wondering if a turnaround is in the cards.
7/27/16 10:29AM
These 10 dividend aristocrat stocks offer an average high yield of 3% and have increased dividends for 46 consecutive years on average.
7/27/16 10:26AM
Each of these high quality dividend growth stocks has increased its dividend by at least 20% per year over the last five years.
7/27/16 10:21AM
U.S. stocks gained steam Wednesday, buoyed by upbeat quarterly results from Apple.
7/27/16 10:05AM