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A trial over Sumner Redstone's board purge will start in October.
7/29/16 6:35PM
Zimmer's return to growth is fueling acquisition thoughts by analysts. There are a number of possibilities.
7/29/16 6:20PM
The restructuring, if approved by shareholders, would involve hiving off bad loans into a securitization vehicle and the sale of up to $5.6 billion of shares.
7/29/16 5:50PM
National Chicken Wing Day is one day in many where chicken is a staple among U.S. consumers.
7/29/16 5:34PM
Recent reports suggest the company's car, TV service and smartwatch efforts aren't going as planned.
7/29/16 5:32PM
Shares of Talend soared in its trading debut on the Nasdaq Friday
7/29/16 4:57PM
The successful round of tech IPOs continues with Talend climbing more than 40% on its first day of trading. NBC and Facebook work on a deal for Olympics coverage.
7/29/16 4:43PM
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq ended the day in the green thanks to positive earnings from tech giants Alphabet and Amazon.
7/29/16 4:36PM
High dividend yields may be attractive in the current environment, but investors need to focus on future dividend growth, not current yield.
7/29/16 4:32PM
Analysts see double-digit growth through next year in the public cloud services market, in which Amazon and Alphabet have considerable investments.
7/29/16 4:20PM
The hotel search site could be worth $5B, putting Expedia's holdings at more than $3B
7/29/16 4:08PM
Anyone can give their pet a treat or the occasional grooming, but room service, a hotel room of their own or immortality?
7/29/16 4:07PM
Shares of AbbVie were up Friday after the company reported a big jump in revenue.
7/29/16 4:05PM
Connected cars are on the rise, and experts say drivers want their cars protected from hacktivists before it's too late.
7/29/16 3:59PM
Google's parent has indicated that it will work with car makers aside from Fiat Chrysler to develop self-driving vehicle technology.
7/29/16 3:50PM
The premium service is likely a poor performer for the company, so why keep it around?
7/29/16 3:13PM
Offshore drilling stocks are witnessing their worst nightmares come to life. Diamond Offshore Drilling is no exception. Here is why it is a stock to avoid.
7/29/16 3:08PM
The S&P 500 moves higher on Friday, on track to end the month on a high, as Alphabet and Amazon rally on positive earnings.
7/29/16 2:42PM
While other projects get more attention, Google's efforts to make mobile search results more relevant are arguably more significant than any of them.
7/29/16 2:34PM
Unfortunately for those looking for work, those who already have a job may have a big step-up on getting that next one
7/29/16 2:31PM
The company's earnings didn't meet expectations because of increased terror attacks, but the Olympics in Rio could turn things around.
7/29/16 2:27PM
Company CFO Pat Yarrington provided little in the way of assurance that a hike would come this year, but said the board is evaluating the sustainability of a bump.
7/29/16 2:12PM
The music streaming and podcast company could be attractive to the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google and others.
7/29/16 2:03PM
Anheuser-Busch InBev shares were on the rise Friday despite missing second quarter profit forecasts
7/29/16 1:55PM
Merck shares climbed higher Friday after the drug maker posted second-quarter results.
7/29/16 1:53PM
Shares of Exxon Mobil were down Friday after reporting the weakest quarterly profit since 1999
7/29/16 1:52PM
The stock should reach $135 to $140 in the next 12 to 18 months, driven by sustained revenue growth.
7/29/16 1:51PM
Jim Cramer thinks United Parcel Service's is being helped by Amazon.
7/29/16 1:50PM
Jim Cramer loves Alphabet's accelerating revenue and he likes the stock's valuation, too.
7/29/16 1:49PM
Newell Brands had a remarkable quarter and can now be considered the 'new housing play,' says Jim Cramer.
7/29/16 1:48PM
The Point72 chief buys a slice of ownership in a computer-driven startup fund and puts $250 million under management with them.
7/29/16 1:34PM
With three U.S. oil rigs added, the rig count sees a net uptick of one rig, while Canadian production continues to come back online strongly, with 17 rigs added.
7/29/16 1:31PM
This month's cyber attack against the DNC underscores how we are all vulnerable to hacking. Here is a 12-point checklist for businesses and individuals to protect their vital data.
7/29/16 1:15PM
The company reported better-than-expected earnings and revenue Friday.
7/29/16 1:15PM
Despite an earnings miss, Jim Cramer believes Expedia will come back and he likes the stock
7/29/16 12:56PM
Stocks fluctuated again on the final day of the month. Like the past four days, moves were driven by a mix of earnings.
7/29/16 12:32PM
The e-commerce company delivers a solid quarter, topping both revenue and earnings per share.
7/29/16 12:17PM
UPS affirmed its full-year earnings outlook, suggesting it can grow despite global economic uncertainty.
7/29/16 12:02PM
Perseverance pays off for the clean energy company, which expressed repeated interest last year in acquiring Oncor, the debtor's electricity transmission and distribution arm.
7/29/16 12:01PM
Jim Cramer said FAA is the new FANG, but he is still holding out hope for Netflix.
7/29/16 11:39AM
The 10 high-yield dividend stocks on this list have returned at least 20% per year over the past five years and offer an average yield of 4.5%.
7/29/16 11:37AM
Merck stock has not moved higher. Now is the time to buy.
7/29/16 11:36AM
Italian banks and institutions heavily exposed to shipping and resources face a day of reckoning.
7/29/16 11:15AM
Was beating expectations the start of a trend or an anomaly? Here are Apple's charts.
7/29/16 11:08AM
Badly missed sales plans in the U.S. were the norm for restaurants like McDonald's and Starbucks in the second quarter, signaling the economy may be in worse shape than expected.
7/29/16 11:07AM
Stocks fluctuate on Friday morning as the mix of earnings reports again pulls Wall Street in two directions.
7/29/16 10:54AM
The Belgian suitor is still aiming for a second-half close after raising its offer this week.
7/29/16 10:35AM
Millennial money mistakes are mounting up – and these are the worst of the bunch.
7/29/16 10:34AM
If you think Hillary Clinton's headed to the White House, here's how you can bet on it through the stock market.
7/29/16 10:29AM
Facebook could get hit with a massive tax bill from the IRS that would have a material impact on the company.
7/29/16 10:14AM