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What Are Gold and Silver Prices Today?

Precious Metals: News and Analysis

Gold steadies and is set to end the week higher.
10/21/16 5:21PM
Precious metals continue to wallow around, looking for any catalyst to create momentum, says Kitco's global trading director Peter Hug.
10/21/16 5:06PM
Donald Trump spooked investors after saying at the debate on Wednesday that he wouldn't commit to accepting the results of the election.
10/21/16 3:59PM
Gold futures could benefit from a weakening global trade environment.
10/21/16 10:38AM
After hitting a seven-month high at the start of the week, the U.S. dollar saw a corrective pullback on Tuesday, which has benefitted gold prices.
10/18/16 4:00PM

Oil and Natural Gas News

A strengthening dollar coupled with traders taking profit on last week's crude gains caused a pullback in commodity futures Friday, leading to a market droop despite an uptick in rigs.
10/21/16 1:14PM
Technical analysis shows that recent strength in crude oil is likely to continue.
10/21/16 9:12AM
Industry followers continue to see M&A as a way to fuel a turnaround for the beaten down space, and are now looking for first movers with oil above $50.
10/21/16 6:30AM