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What Are Gold and Silver Prices Today?

Precious Metals: News and Analysis

Gold and other precious metals are trading sluggishly on futures markets. Is that a brief hiccup, or a long-term trend
9/23/16 5:27PM
The Fed's decision to hold rates establishes a foundation for gold that sent spot prices higher and gold mining stocks higher still.
9/22/16 8:43AM
The Federal Reserve doesn't hike interest rates and predicts 1.8% GDP growth.
9/21/16 5:37PM
Which one of these companies is the safest play amid a challenging backdrop for gold miners?
9/20/16 2:23PM
Here is why investors can expect gold mining share prices to make a comeback.
9/20/16 8:59AM

Oil and Natural Gas News

Jim Cramer says oil prices will likely retreat following next week's OPEC meeting.
9/24/16 11:00AM
For all the oil bulls in the market, here are the U.S. drillers ready to take off.
9/23/16 5:15PM
The U.S. rig count is stalling in response to a mid-summer oil price rout, but the news follows troubling indications that Saudi Arabia won't agree to cap production.
9/23/16 2:26PM