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What Are Gold and Silver Prices Today?

Precious Metals: News and Analysis

Gold is seeing some volatility this Tuesday as markets gear up for next week's big Fed meeting.
12/6/16 4:27PM
Even though the medium-term trend in the precious metals market remains down, it appears that a combination of bullish factors makes the short-term outlook bullish.
12/6/16 1:59PM
Citi upgraded a host of mining companies, claiming that commodity markets were rebalancing and investors will respond by plowing cash into funds.
12/6/16 9:16AM
Here's how to trade Treasury bonds, gold bullion, utilities stocks and junk bonds using exchange-traded funds.
12/5/16 8:50AM
These stocks are within range of triggering breakout trades. Here's how to trade them from here.
12/4/16 4:40PM

Oil and Natural Gas News

The acquisition of an almost 20% stake in Russia's biggest oil producer is a tweak on the usual style for Glencore's deal-junkie CEO.
12/8/16 10:47AM
Making less money right now by staying disciplined will save you a lot more money down the road.
12/8/16 8:20AM
There is a potential upside back up to the $52 key resistance area.
12/8/16 7:48AM