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What Are Gold and Silver Prices Today?

Precious Metals: News and Analysis

The billionaire hedge fund manager increases his stake in the world's two biggest gold-backed funds.
2/14/18 9:30PM
Gold prices have finally caught a bid amid continued weakness in the U.S. dollar.
2/14/18 8:15PM
Higher Inflation Expectations Set To Put Commodities On Bull Market Course
2/14/18 4:59PM
Fed To Chase Inflation Up - Get Your Gold On Says Lanci
2/14/18 4:03PM
Gold is catching a break this Tuesday but it's not an official bull market says economist Dennis Gartman.
2/13/18 3:48PM

Oil and Natural Gas News

Oil commodity investing puts a product people use every day in their portfolio, but it can be as volatile as prices at the pump.
2/20/18 12:49PM
With earnings season almost wrapped up, 2017 data shows so far that shale productivity surprised to the upside, with a few key players, including Occidental Petroleum and RSP Permian, stealing the show.
2/16/18 10:57AM
Goldman says that investors are unconvinced that U.S. producer discipline will hold.
2/12/18 3:03PM