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What Are Gold and Silver Prices Today?

Precious Metals: News and Analysis

Gold is continuing to hold onto last week's gains, with prices up on the day.
9/27/16 4:51PM
After wrapping his 70-day tour cross country with a Tesla, Gianni Kovacevic, CEO of CopperBank, said he remains optimistic about the electric car.
9/27/16 3:50PM
Silver has soared this year, because of a multitude of factors, like the Federal Reserve, foreign buyers and more. But can it continue?
9/27/16 10:51AM
Look to buy gold whenever it hits the $1,310 to $1,300 area. The S&P 500 continues to recover, but an obvious buy signal still hasn't appeared.
9/27/16 9:51AM
Gold and other precious metals are trading sluggishly on futures markets. Is that a brief hiccup, or a long-term trend
9/23/16 5:27PM

Oil and Natural Gas News

Sick of tepid market returns? Aggressive investors with a tolerance for risk should consider this leveraged oil exchange-traded note.
9/27/16 2:29PM
Oil futures are up early this week, ahead of big OPEC meeting in Algeria.
9/27/16 11:29AM
As a near-term agreement on prices continues to go missing, oil futures spiked Monday.
9/27/16 11:09AM