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What Are Gold and Silver Prices Today?

Precious Metals: News and Analysis

Think all the big precious metals gains can be made from gold? Think again. Here's why this silver company is poised for profits.
8/24/16 1:23PM
Here's why this gold mining stock is a poor choice for your money.
8/23/16 1:33PM
Analysts say 2017 could be a magical year for gold investors.
8/22/16 4:53PM
Gold prices ended the U.S. day session weaker but up from the daily low that marked a two-week low Monday.
8/22/16 4:52PM
Gold is conflicted by the ongoing dialogue surrounding the next increase in Fed rates, said Peter Hug, global trading director for bullion dealer, Kitco Metals.
8/22/16 4:52PM

Oil and Natural Gas News

I like the potential of being bullish on crude oil futures for next few weeks! Here are a few ways you can do this:
8/24/16 2:48PM
The Chinese Oil companies joined the grim tally of oil company's posting weak results, while oil prices fell Wednesday on expectations of a surprise increase in U.S. inventories.
8/24/16 7:35AM
U.S. stocks shrugged off a decline in oil prices Tuesday, starting the trading session higher amid better-than-expected results from Best Buy.
8/23/16 10:08AM