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Commodity Market News

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What Are Gold and Silver Prices Today?

Precious Metals: News and Analysis

Excited about rising silver prices? Then investors should be drooling over the potential in silver shares.
7/29/16 8:20AM
Gold gets all the attention, but silver is a precious metal to watch, too. Here's how you should invest.
7/28/16 10:24AM
As August-December rollover in gold draws near end, the bears can not break the market.
7/27/16 1:47PM
Election uncertainty may catch gold bears offsides.
7/25/16 4:21PM
Emotions are running hot this year, prompting investors to flee to the Midas Metal. Here's the best gold stock available today.
7/25/16 2:30PM

Oil and Natural Gas News

Offshore drilling stocks are witnessing their worst nightmares come to life. Diamond Offshore Drilling is no exception. Here is why it is a stock to avoid.
7/29/16 3:08PM
Exxon Mobil and Chevron shares were up too much heading into earnings so their respective post-earnings selloffs are not surprising, says Jim Cramer.
7/29/16 12:09PM
Looking for a reliable growth stock in the volatile energy patch? This company is poised to surprise on the upside when it releases earnings Friday. Grab it now.
7/28/16 12:45PM