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Introduction to 3D Printing by Greg Emerson

It's not often that a revolution comes along to change everything, but like the Internet changed the way we communicate and share information, 3D printing will fundamentally change the way we make things.

Known also as "additive manufacturing" (because it builds objects by adding materials layer by layer in cross sections), the technology is growing rapidly in ways that promise to replace the almost 100-year-old mass-production model that defined the industrial revolution.

And instead of just padding the bank accounts of huge corporations and their shareholders (which it will do as well), the people set to benefit the most are consumers, small businesses and communities that will now be able to make and customize just about anything imaginable for local markets.

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3D Printing Technology News

There's are surprising number of things you can make with 3D printers.
2/12/17 10:00AM
STMicroelectronics has tapped the groundbreaking areas of 3D printing, drones and the Internet of Things. Now the stock is hot -- too hot, in fact.
2/3/17 12:47PM
We watched a 3D printer make a sweater in less than an hour. Can it help fix retail?
1/22/17 11:00AM
A successful breakout for these stocks could lead to a large-percentage gain.
11/28/16 8:01AM
Printer and ink sales still account for the bulk of HP's profits. That's a problem when the printing industry remains stuck in a long-term decline.
11/23/16 4:09PM
HP's fourth-quarter results should show that splitting the old Hewlett-Packard into two companies was the right choice, even if it was controversial.
11/22/16 9:03AM
GE 's plans to buy two European 3-D printing companies -- Arcam and SLM Solutions -- for a combined $1.4 billion could be halted by Elliott Advisors.
10/21/16 4:07AM
GE's purchases could drive additional 3-D printing M&A activity. But they also mean 3-D printer makers will be dealing with another deep-pocketed competitor.
9/6/16 7:04PM
General Electric agreed to buy two European companies specializing in metals-based 3D printing equipment as CEO Jeffrey Immelt expands in digital manufacturing.
9/6/16 10:38AM
The company is searching for new ways to manage a drop-off in traditional printing that hasn't yet shown signs of hitting bottom.
6/23/16 9:20AM
3-D printing just got a big dose of competition from HP. Why are you still holding 3D Systems stock?
5/20/16 9:44AM
Netflix is bringing its 'Narcos' to over-the-air television and HP debuts its 3-D printers aimed at large-scale production.
5/17/16 5:06PM
3D Systems stock is poised to regain a key technical level on any bit of good news.
5/6/16 8:14AM
Microsoft is suing the Justice Department over privacy concerns, 3D Systems is being viewed more favorably because of its new CEO and the race to buy Yahoo! is on.
4/14/16 4:51PM
Hype for the industry led to the bubble bursting two years ago, but there are signs that the market for this cutting-edge technology is ready to ramp up again.
4/3/16 1:30PM