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Smartphone News and Reviews

With a series of over-the-air software updates, BlackBerry's Android phone has been improved in almost every way since we first tested it.
1/2/16 10:40AM
Here are the 11 the best smartphones of the year.
12/5/15 2:00PM
While more convenient than headphones with long cables, Bluetooth models are restricted to connections approximately 30 feet away from the source. These are the eight best we like.
12/1/15 11:47AM
Our top picks include a big $4,000 desktop and a new $5, bare-bones design.
11/30/15 10:24AM
Thinner, lighter and better in every way than Google's previous Android flagship.
11/29/15 11:15AM
How do the new 'pure Android' Nexus phones match-up with Samsung Galaxy devices?
11/29/15 11:00AM
Microsoft has continued to improve its Surface Pro tablet/laptop while others are now joining the fray.
11/28/15 9:45AM
The second-generation Chromecast TV and the new Chromecast Audio devices are only $35 each.
11/28/15 9:30AM
It fits in your pocket, runs a full version of Windows 10 and can be controlled with your iPad.
11/22/15 7:15PM