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Multiple option trade ideas every day. Day in and day out, our 12-person team of professional options traders searches for inventive plays for trading spikes in market activity, emerging trends, and breaking news and events. These seasoned veterans cut right to the chase. They give you crucial information you need to know, fast -- revealing their research, charts, technical data, and price targets.

The result: You get timely and action-specific trade ideas, daily strategies on how you can properly manage risk and hedge your positions, and insightful commentary written specifically for the options trader. Add it all up and you'll receive more than... Whether you're looking for straightforward directional call or put plays, combination trades, or short- or long-term strategies, Options Profits delivers actionable ideas to fit your trading style -- no matter what your sentiment or capital and margin situation may be.

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Options Profits Includes:

Ongoing idea generation: Specific, actionable trade ideas delivered each and every day.

Education: In-depth analysis and detailed breakdowns of must-know trends, market sentiment, and options activity.

Community interaction and weekly chats: Compare strategies and pricing, or bounce ideas and tactics off your fellow options traders.

Options TV: Our exclusive video channel filled with information-packed, strategy sessions hosted by our panel of options specialists. Features include coverage from multiple floors -- CBOE, CME, NASDAQ, and NYSE -- including futures trading.

Access to private, members-only events: A seat is reserved for you in our ongoing series of exciting options trading events including: webinars featuring some of the industry's most sought-after speakers and in-person events (for certain events additional fees may apply).

Options Profits Previews

The iPath Bloomberg Coffee exchange-traded fund is a relatively new trading vehicle. Should you imbibe? Here's what Skip Raschke would do.
The Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF is loaded with the tech companies you're most familiar with. To profit on them now, Skip Raschke recommends an out-of-the-money call time spread.
Here we goest into the breach known as September-October massacre-land. This annual gauntlet is replete with historically nasty selloffs. Don't predict, but instead try to anticipate and then hedge.
The banking giant offers safety, a solid dividend and a decent chance for its stock to go higher.
Ford is doing plenty of things right in the auto market, and the stock market hasn't been giving it enough credit. Skip Raschke recommends an at-the-money synthetic call.
Small cap biotech company Seattle Genetics has traded over the past 52 weeks between $30 and $52, and despite its 2.30 beta, Skip Raschke thinks it's worth the risk.
The ProShares Ultra Short 20+ Year Treasuries ETF is a strong way to short Treasury bonds, and the trade tactic Skip Raschke prefers now for it is the crisscross strangle.
The preferred trading tactic for Verizon is the bullishly biased vertical call spread. Buy to open April 45 calls and sell to open April 50 calls for $1.50 debit.
Use 'other peoples money' for this Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF's call-back spread.
The trade tactic for First Solar is not for the risk averse, as it is a bullish out-of-the-money vertical call spread.
AT&T will lure future buyers of stock who want safety, high relative yield and a good chance for appreciation.
This exchange-traded fund is best of breed if you are looking for performance pegged to crude oil.
Thanks to its tie to Alibaba, Yahoo!'s chart is looking quite bearish. Here's how to trade it.
Lowe's will report earnings Aug. 19. The consensus view of $1.24 per share is a 20% improvement year over year for the home improvement company. Time to start trading.
The ProShares UltraShort Dow 30 exchange-traded fund is an intermediate options trade.
The best trade tactic for BAC is called the dynamic synthetic call, where you buy the underlying stock and the at-the-money puts.
With one exception, India, the emerging market growth engines have stalled and, as a result, investor flows over the last 12 months have been directed much more toward developed markets.
The time to be complacent and unhedged is over. With the S&P 500 nearing all-time highs and the VIX lower, it's time to take advantage of cheaper portfolio insurance.
Tesoro sees bearish flow, while Facebook and Twitter calls are active.
Somebody thinks 13 is a lucky number for Louisiana Pacific.