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Real Money on TheStreet - Free Previews

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Real Money Previews

As some refiners prepare to report earnings, the oil glut continues.
Ad revenue growth is expected to drive Facebook earnings, which are set for release Wednesday.
Twitter and Apple both faced low earnings expectations. Doug Kass looks at how they fared.
Is the stock finally ready to rise after treading water?
Cramer is 'encouraged' by what has the makings of momentum in high-profit, high-growth and highly predictable recurring revenue streams.
Twitter's disappointing earnings didn't help the social media site at all, as these charts show.
We believe the company is well on its way to spiraling out of control.
Both political parties have different plans on how to solve this ballooning problem.
Goldman Sachs looks past 'loyalty noise' and sees comparables re-acceleration for Starbucks.
Apple is scheduled to release its earnings results after the closing bell, but expectations are low due to flagging smartphone sales.
Adam Silver is becoming a key social advocate, flexing the NBA's muscle to support the LGBT community and dealing a blow to Charlotte, N.C.'s economy.
GameStop could see a 65- to 200-basis-point upside due to Pokémon Go fever.
Analysts say that the downside risk for Apple rises only if sales decline by more than 5% to 10% a year. The question is whether that is likely.
In this new ballgame, Tim Armstrong should get the ball every play.
Cramer shares his views on the positive signs in the market. Microsoft, Illinois Tool Works and Cintas are among the stocks discussed.
Cramer shares his views on Microsoft's killer quarter and its meaning. IBM, Boeing and General Electric are among the stocks discussed.
Doug Kass shares his thoughts on 'Peak Autos' and nonconsensus shorts.
Doug Kass shares his thoughts on Fastenal, and CEOs bearing gifts.
In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass tells us how Facebook got unfriended and how Intel's close earlier in the week chilled old tech.
Jim Cramer talks about the mystery of Union Pacific's and Southwest Air's reports and the solution to the puzzle of Komatsu's Joy.
Amazon teamed with Wells Fargo to offer discounted student loan interest rates for Amazon Prime Student members -- a move seen boosting Prime Student memberships.
Tapping the Chinese Internet is no easy feat, but GE has gained a foothold there and the conglomerate's digital platform seems to be gaining momentum, analysts say.
The company says the aerospace job cuts are about 'doing a better job overall.'
The beleaguered drugmaker says the FDA raised red flags at a Tampa-based manufacturing plant.
Uber has delayed an IPO, and investors aren't sure whether that has been good for them or not.