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Real Money Previews

Jim Cramer ponders how oil might be unable to stop, and discusses how costly missed opportunities can be.
In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass discusses the state of retail and the state of his investments.
Failure of health-care bill has barely caused a ripple so far.
In this market, if it's holding up, that's not helping.
The question now is whether Vera Bradley stock's punishment has fit the 'crime.'
Get your notepad out. Apple might not make it to $1 trillion.
This zombie retailer is on its deathbed.
Is the 'Trump Rally' finally over?
But it's a start, and stocks may try the downside again.
Despite the Federal investigation, the numbers released Monday morning will drive a breakout in this name.
Companies are feeling free and emboldened and willing to spend money and place orders.
Brexit and the volatility it could leave in its wake get closer just as investors are in the mood for risky assets.
People are finally getting concerned about the group.
Is the glass half full, or half empty? The "Big Four" beer companies in Japan are looking to international markets while losing market share and customers at home.
The tech giant's shares continue to rock.
Despite their popularity, financial stocks are starting to weaken and potentially roll over in the face of growing threats that few are heeding.
You should watch the IPO market like a hawk.
Doug Kass shares his thoughts on Deere's February sales, and his wishes and hopes involving Twitter.
Cramer shares his views on how the market had a slow, pre-Trump kind of day, and also discusses the next step in Adobe's tech surge.
Cramer shares his views on a hidden recovery in consumer spending, and also discusses how Intel is back.
Doug Kass shares his thoughts on Pershing Square, and talks about Sears.
It's time investors pay closer attention to the realities of the auto space.
Jim Cramer ponders the mainstream media, and discusses how IPOs could finally end the bull market.