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Following chart patterns can offer important investing discipline. Here are several rules to live by.
We used to think of what's in the public's interest when it comes to securities.
America's fiscal house is in disorder, but that's good news for precious metals.
We are now back into the exact same market we were in before the 9% plummet.
There is nothing wrong with Intel, Johnson & Johnson, 3M and Apple.
CSCO's performance this morning will be significant in determining price targets for the stock.
There are still some 'nasties' lurking on Apple's stock chart. Here's how to trade the tech giant.
Both banks should hold up well if price pressures continue to heat up.
Halliburton might be the better choice than Schlumberger for several reasons.
It's been a volatile, up-and-down weeks for stocks.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average chart shows that the index is still on an uptrend.
Even during Monday's flash crash, Nvidia's rising trend line was tested, but ultimately held on the chart.
Chipotle's earnings beat expectations, but the stock looks expensive.
The idea here is to try to "steal" a few shares at an artificial, mechanically enforced discount.
The charts say Wall Street's pullback shouldn't be lengthy.
The Pitchfork model suggests possible support just under 2750 for the S&P 500.
You can't even figure what Alphabet wants to really be, other than a search company, which isn't enough.
They are objects that once in motion, stay in motion.
Google parent Alphabet is coming out of a technically overbought condition.
With the big game set to start, let's examine the chart of Anheuser-Busch InBev.
What to do if you are wearing CVS Health on your sleeve, and suddenly realize that you were sucker punched?
President Trump likely to focus on defense, which would be good for Kratos.
Wynn Resorts is going through tough times, but its chart is not totally broken.
He told the truth about a weak dollar being good.
Natural gas is currently popping, and Apache stands to benefit from this.