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Real Money Previews

In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass discusses Mae West and his latest trading activities.
Jim Cramer discusses not discussing the 'market' and also suggests a Darth Vader-Amazon meeting.
The answer is to really make the Exchanges the focal point of liquidity for healthcare insurance.
Sears U.S. is reportedly closing another 20 stores on top of the 245 it already planned to shutter.
The company has little need to buy a bricks-and-mortar apparel seller when its online apparel sales are performing so well.
The only sensible thing for the Fed to do is sell bonds into the market now, while it is still very strong.
The overall personality of the market is making many people, including me, uncomfortable.
MSCI will include China's A-share listings in its emerging-markets index for the first time, with a tiny weighting but causing a headache for managers of $1.7 trillion in assets.
Our computer algorithm boosts the tech giant's rating, but our technical analyst isn't so sure.
We're seeing the same thing we see in a crash, only in reverse.
Previous patterns show that a pullback might follow.
Doug Kass shares his thoughts on Apple, Google and Starbucks.
We are in a period of high risk in the markets at best.
We forget that a big hedge fund or mutual fund switching out of tech winners into everything else can roil the market.
In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass discusses pundits and takes us back ... to the Twilight Zone.
Jim Cramer discusses bonds and also talks about why panicking off the Fed is a superbad idea.
While claiming it is "normalizing" its balance sheet, the Fed has incorporated asset purchases in everyday policy.