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Investment Ideas

Like many years past, 2013 has been subject to media hysteria. We've all heard the warnings of the fiscal cliff, burdensome investment taxes and general stock market pessimism. But, like all things, this too shall pass.

If 2013 is the year you'll be making your first investment, check out this primer on simple and effective ways to invest your money. If you're already a seasoned investor, this page has been assembled to aggregate our best stock, mutual fund and ETF investment ideas for 2013.

Here's to wishing you -- and America as a whole -- a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

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Investing in 2013? Useful Tools:

List of High-Yield Dividend Stocks

Find the stocks and MLPs with the highest dividends and the highest dividend yields. This list is sortable by industry.

Calendar of Ex-Dividend Dates

Discover when your favorite dividend stocks are set to make their next dividend payment.

Earnings and Economic Calendar

This earnings calendar features analysts' estimates, earnings revisions and guidance, stock split announcements, ex-dividends dates and scheduled economic events for 2013.

2013 Stock and Bond Market Holidays

This calendar features the holiday schedules for the U.S. stock and bond markets (including early closures).


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Investment Ideas

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