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Latest Technology News

For eBay, it's about more than just getting likes on Facebook. The e-commerce giant is going all-in on social, including some platforms you probably haven't heard of.
4/16/16 11:00AM
The e-commerce giant's recent move to register as an ocean freight forwarder will make it cheaper and easier for shippers to move freight from China to Europe and North America.
4/15/16 9:03AM
The Oasis e-reader doesn't need to be charged for months and is thinner and lighter than any Kindle before it, but it ain't cheap.
4/13/16 10:59AM
The social media network is making a strong push for live video and chatbots.
4/12/16 3:03PM
The heads of Amazon's consumer business and its cloud computing division are getting new titles.
4/8/16 9:43AM
The tech giant's focus on selling customers a mix of public and private clouds -- a market it pegs at $100 billion -- is critical to IBM's turnaround plans.
4/7/16 1:20PM
Analyst Kim Forrest, a former software engineer, explains why every company wants to get into the cloud now and who's winning the battle to provide services.
4/7/16 1:18PM

New Smartphones and Gadgets

With a series of over-the-air software updates, BlackBerry's Android phone has been improved in almost every way since we first tested it.
1/2/16 10:40AM
Here are the 11 the best smartphones of the year.
12/5/15 2:00PM
While more convenient than headphones with long cables, Bluetooth models are restricted to connections approximately 30 feet away from the source. These are the eight best we like.
12/1/15 11:47AM
Our top picks include a big $4,000 desktop and a new $5, bare-bones design.
11/30/15 10:24AM
Thinner, lighter and better in every way than Google's previous Android flagship.
11/29/15 11:15AM

The Digital Skeptic

'New media' has fallen into the same slide toward oblivion begun by old information media companies.
5/3/14 9:00AM
You can pay all you want for high-value online video production, but here's some advice from the professionals: Simple sells.
5/1/14 8:00AM
Even as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and other music services rely on algorithms to serve up set lists, consumer spending says humans still have a role to play.
4/29/14 8:00AM
Investors are worried about the numbers at Pandora, but meanwhile the entire music industry is sliding off a cliff.
4/26/14 8:17AM
This set-top device holds the promise of redrawing the ancient battle lines between cable, broadcast and Web TV.
4/24/14 8:00AM

The Politics of Technology

Cognizant beat predictions on earnings, but now faces the challenge of becoming a major player in health care IT.
11/5/14 1:10PM
WellPoint is letting health care consolidate itself, taking advantage of the market changes by signing narrow network contracts that let it share profits from wellness.
10/30/14 6:10AM
Amazon is still leading in the cloud and doubling down on profitable content as it puts the Fire Phone mistake behind it.
10/29/14 6:10AM
IBM's earnings miss shows big technology vendors still haven't gotten their arms around the threat posed by the cloud technologies used by Amazon and Google.
10/20/14 1:48PM
Recent breaches mean you'll have to learn a new way to use credit and debit cards soon. The good news is they're safer.
10/20/14 6:10AM