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Airline stocks can make foreboding investments given the volume of news surrounding the airline industry. In the articles below, you will find airline news coverage with a focus on new aircraft orders and capital expenditures, union contract negotiations for pilots, flight attendants and ground crew, airline mergers and overall trends in airline industry revenue.

Additionally, you'll find consumer-focused coverage of airlines -- including baggage fees, interactions with the Transportation Security Administration and reviews of airports -- which, in time, may impact the price of airline shares and the perception of the airline industry as a whole.

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United Airlines shares fell 4% Tuesday because the carrier reiterated that it plans to restore its legitimate market share at hubs such as Newark Airport.
4/19/17 6:59AM
United Airlines executives say that so far they have seen no impact on bookings from the April 9 incident when an erratic passenger was dragged off an aircraft.
4/18/17 1:20PM
United Airlines rose Monday, in advance of an earnings beat, and on hopes for the conclusion of a week of reporting on an unfortunate passenger management incident.
4/18/17 8:17AM
As United prepares to report earnings Monday evening, investors seem ready to move past the fallout from an unpleasant encounter with an erratic passenger whose seat was needed by crew.
4/17/17 4:46PM
American, Delta and United have changed policies regarding requests to passengers to give up their seats -- altering compensation, crew movement, and use of law enforcement.
4/17/17 4:44PM
The International Association of Machinists, the largest airline union, says it has organized ground service workers at United and Alaska subsidiaries.
4/17/17 6:45AM
A United Airlines passenger was forcibly removed after he became belligerent when he was selected to leave a flight. Now United is being unfairly condemned.
4/13/17 9:50AM
A global airline trade association sees growing demand for air travel, a trend that seems likely to induce carriers to grow capacity at a faster pace than GDP growth.
4/11/17 7:15AM
Delta missed unit revenue guidance last week, after United failed to provide accurate capacity guidance in March. This week, both carriers will report on recent performances.
4/10/17 7:10AM
Traffic at American Airlines fell at five hub airports in 2016, even as traffic grew at 24 of the top 30 airports. American says it's 'fine-tuning' after a 2013 merger.
4/7/17 8:00AM
Delta reports positive unit revenue in March, the first positive monthly result since November 2015. But first-quarter unit revenue declines when an increase was expected.
4/4/17 11:10AM
American Airlines basic economy fares, introduced in the first quarter, seem to bring higher revenue not just for American but also for Spirit and Frontier, an analyst says.
4/4/17 9:46AM
Among U.S. airlines, Southwest had the most passengers, American had the highest revenue and Delta produced the most revenue passenger miles.
4/3/17 8:30PM
The president of American Airlines' pilot union, who is pushing for mid-contract improvements, says he was encouraged by two recent events.
3/30/17 8:30PM
Norwegian Air Shuttle signs a labor deal with the IAM, the largest U.S. airline union, covering U.S. flight attendants at an affiliate, Norwegian Air International.
3/30/17 12:03PM
United Airlines got caught up in a weekend storm of outrage after two teenage girls were asked to change from their leggings before boarding.
3/27/17 11:03AM
LAX will build a $3 billion automated people mover using an innovative financing plan that shifts risk to the contractor from the airport.
3/27/17 7:00AM
American, Delta and United are all adding domestic capacity, worrying some analysts. Meanwhile, international travel to the U.S. may be diminished by the president's proposed travel ban.
3/26/17 3:40PM
American Airlines, working to improve its on-time performance, left 20,000 passengers standing at the gate in February, according to the Allied Pilots Association.
3/26/17 2:20PM
American, Delta and Southwest reduce first-quarter unit revenue guidance, while a key analyst sees a 'visceral reaction' to capacity increases by United and others.
3/22/17 9:55AM