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Airline stocks can make foreboding investments given the volume of news surrounding the airline industry. In the articles below, you will find airline news coverage with a focus on new aircraft orders and capital expenditures, union contract negotiations for pilots, flight attendants and ground crew, airline mergers and overall trends in airline industry revenue.

Additionally, you'll find consumer-focused coverage of airlines -- including baggage fees, interactions with the Transportation Security Administration and reviews of airports -- which, in time, may impact the price of airline shares and the perception of the airline industry as a whole.

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Passengers are increasingly satisfied with U.S. airports, except for the ones where long-delayed construction projects are finally underway.
9/21/17 10:40AM
Most major and medium-size airports tack a passenger facility charge of $4.50 onto each ticket. Among the top 59 airports, only Charlotte and Anchorage do not.
9/20/17 10:14AM
Shares of United have fallen 25% in two months and the airline's fare war with Spirit is blamed for undercutting industry pricing.
9/18/17 10:04AM
A leading airline analyst downgrades American, Spirit and United and sharply cuts fourth-quarter earnings estimates.
9/15/17 1:16PM
A woman sued Delta, claiming she bit into a pebble in a pita sandwich on her flight from Istanbul. The next year, Delta cancelled its Istanbul service.
9/11/17 11:53AM
Airline shares have been slumping since July, but American and Delta say they see signs of hope for the fourth quarter.
9/11/17 10:44AM
American says it will cancel 300 Charlotte flights on Monday, while Delta says it will cancel 130 Atlanta flights. Miami International Airport will be closed all day.
9/11/17 10:00AM
United cuts its third-quarter unit revenue guidance citing Hurricane Harvey, implementation of basic economy, competition and Pacific region decline.
9/6/17 12:15PM
Delta cuts third-quarter unit revenue guidance and shares fall. Other carriers are expected to cut guidance this week.
9/5/17 10:16AM
Led by a 41% YTD decline at Spirit, Airline shares are down 17% since July 7, due mainly to fare discounting. On Wednesday, executives including United's finance chief will try to explain what's happening.
9/5/17 8:12AM
United Airlines says it is ramping up Houston service after Harvey: It will operate 44 arrivals and 27 departures on Thursday.
8/31/17 1:18PM
United Airlines says it fully expects to restart operations at Houston's George Bush International Airport on Thursday afternoon.
8/30/17 1:58PM
At Houston, United Airlines operates its second-biggest hub -- and one of its most profitable. One analyst estimates $265 million in lost revenue from Hurricane Harvey.
8/29/17 10:25AM
United Airlines had hoped to resume Houston flying on Monday.
8/28/17 1:13PM
Houston's Hobby Airport is closed until Wednesday and it is unclear when George Bush Intercontinental Airport can reopen.
8/28/17 9:27AM
Southwest Airlines still has 'The Southwest Effect:' When it enters a market, fares fall and traffic grows, says a new report.
8/27/17 1:00PM
Big Three U.S. carriers are all looking for fresh revenues.
8/17/17 6:19PM
Led by Gol's 124% share price increase, Latin America's airlines are all showing year-to-date gains, as is American Airlines, the largest U.S. carrier in the region.
8/15/17 8:48AM
Amazon Prime Air is becoming a big thing.
8/14/17 7:47AM
As air cargo shipments surge globally, United leads its peers in cargo growth, while Teamster pilots at cargo carrier Atlas Air say they need a new contract.
8/11/17 9:16AM