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Airline stocks can make foreboding investments given the volume of news surrounding the airline industry. In the articles below, you will find airline news coverage with a focus on new aircraft orders and capital expenditures, union contract negotiations for pilots, flight attendants and ground crew, airline mergers and overall trends in airline industry revenue.

Additionally, you'll find consumer-focused coverage of airlines -- including baggage fees, interactions with the Transportation Security Administration and reviews of airports -- which, in time, may impact the price of airline shares and the perception of the airline industry as a whole.

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President Trump has been a Boeing critic, but Friday he will be Boeing's guest at the launch of company's newest aircraft, the 787-10.
2/17/17 10:00AM
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker has sought to work with labor, but two unions have expressed their lack of confidence in his efforts.
2/16/17 7:59AM
United's chief financial officer, Andrew Levy, says United will compete aggressively with Spirit in its hubs, and touted its operational reliability as a competitive advantage.
2/15/17 8:55AM
The 22-member board of American Airlines pilot union unanimously votes 'no confidence' in management as flight attendants stage demonstrations four years after a Valentine's Day merger with US Airways.
2/14/17 8:58AM
TheStreet takes a look at the career of Delta Air Lines lobbyist Andrea Newman.
2/14/17 7:10AM
President Trump's support for air traffic control modernization strikes a cord with the airline industry. Of course, the FAA is already modernizing.
2/10/17 12:40PM
The Air Line Pilots Association wants President Trump to reverse an Obama administration ruling that allows Norwegian Air International to serve the U.S.
2/9/17 9:15AM
Alaska Airlines says fourth-quarter costs fall to their lowest level ever, despite a merger with Virgin America, and won't increase in 2017.
2/8/17 10:53AM
Airline entrepreneur Bill Franke nurtured American Airlines' management team, transformed Spirit and Frontier, now oversees Frontier and Wizz Air and is starting an airline in Chile. It beats retirement.
2/8/17 9:36AM
President Trump is scheduled to meet Thursday morning with leaders of the U.S. airline industry, sources say.
2/7/17 1:53PM
The Etihad Airways and Lufthansa CEOs say growth by the three big Middle East carriers is slowing. But Emirates still plans Athens-Newark service in March.
2/3/17 11:21AM
American, Delta and United CEOs request a meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hours after his confirmation to discuss rapid U.S. expansion by Middle East carriers.
2/2/17 8:55AM
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, experienced in the ways of Washington, is being welcomed by airlines and their labor unions.
2/1/17 11:20AM
A top airline industry analyst senses a share price correction after various carriers suffer problems, including a decline for Delta after it gets drawn into politics.
1/31/17 10:07AM
Investors seem to care more about profit margin at a time when fuel costs are rising slowly and labor costs are rising precipitously.
1/30/17 7:47AM
American Airlines reports its first positive unit revenue gains in two years, and projects increases in the current quarter. But costs rise 10%.
1/27/17 8:21AM
Wall Street analysts pepper JetBlue executives with numerous questions.
1/26/17 12:40PM
Analyst downgrades Southwest to neutral and upgrades JetBlue to overweight as the two carriers prepare to report earnings on Thursday.
1/25/17 9:03AM
Emirates says it will fly Athens-Newark in February, adding a fifth-freedom flight between third countries and seeming to challenge President Trump's protectionist agenda.
1/24/17 9:59AM
One company in particular will benefit.
1/24/17 9:48AM