Latest Airline News

Latest Airline News

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Airline stocks can make foreboding investments given the volume of news surrounding the airline industry. In the articles below, you will find airline news coverage with a focus on new aircraft orders and capital expenditures, union contract negotiations for pilots, flight attendants and ground crew, airline mergers and overall trends in airline industry revenue.

Additionally, you'll find consumer-focused coverage of airlines -- including baggage fees, interactions with the Transportation Security Administration and reviews of airports -- which, in time, may impact the price of airline shares and the perception of the airline industry as a whole.

Airline News Today

Southwest Airlines shares fall on Thursday, and seven other airlines also see declines, but Alaska Airlines shares rise on a capacity growth slowdown.
7/22/16 7:05AM
United Airlines has signed labor contracts, improved operations, and boasts success at its San Francisco hub. But many United numbers still trail those of Delta.
7/21/16 9:45AM
United Airlines says it will reduce service to the United Kingdom from both Washington Dulles International Airport and Newark in its winter schedule.
7/20/16 6:55AM
In advance of the Democratic National Convention, the nation's second-largest labor union is seeking to organize workers at Philadelphia International Airport, an American Airlines hub.
7/19/16 12:10PM
The world's two leading jumbo jets went different directions at the Farnborough Airshow, as the Boeing 747 got an order and the Airbus A380 got a production cut.
7/14/16 10:35AM
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker has repeatedly said that airline investors were missing the point as they sold shares. Tuesday's gains and an analyst upgrade make him look smart.
7/13/16 10:30AM
JetBlue has a hub in Boston with non-stop flights to 61 destinations, but a new survey shows that many passengers choose to fly one-stop.
7/13/16 6:50AM
American Airlines finds a way to keep credit card deals with both Citi and Barclaycard, a first in the airline industry, after merger with US Airways.
7/12/16 10:51AM
Bombardier looks to the first commercial flight of the CS100 on Friday.
7/11/16 8:20AM
American Airlines says it will operate its first Boeing 787-9 on Dallas-Madrid and Dallas-Sao Paulo routes.
7/7/16 10:26AM
Credit Suisse downgrades American Airlines and United Airlines, citing diminished expectations for gains in passenger revenue per available seat mile.
7/6/16 9:01AM
Just two months after long airport security lines plagued airports around the country, the Transportation Security Administration reported average holiday weekend wait times of 10 minutes.
7/6/16 6:30AM
The pilot shortage impacts not only regional passenger airlines, but also regional cargo airlines that contract for FedEx, UPS and DHL.
7/5/16 6:45AM
A group representing American, Delta and United says it has found new evidence of a $7 billion subsidy to Qatar Airways, bringing Mideast airline subsidies to $50 billion.
6/29/16 11:52AM
American, Delta and United say they are pleased the State Department will conduct informal discussions with Qatar and the UAE regarding subsidies of $50 billion to three Mideast airlines.
6/29/16 6:55AM
Hawaiian Airlines has the best way to avoid the impact of 'Brexit': Don't fly to the U.K.. Meanwhile, American, Delta and United shares all decline again.
6/28/16 6:55AM
American, Delta, United, EasyJet and other airline shares continue to fall Monday as investors find no cure for 'Brexit'-induced fears.
6/27/16 9:23AM
Delta Air Lines, which has placed entrepreneurial bets on a new Bombardier aircraft and an oil refinery, recently bet on a firm that provides biometric security screening.
6/27/16 7:00AM
American, Delta and United Airlines shares fell on Great Britain's decision to exit the European Union, but the real impact of the exit is tough to discern.
6/24/16 11:50AM
Spirit Airlines is the airline industry's hottest stock. The carrier raised fares on Tuesday, signaling its own transformation as well as rising fares throughout the industry.
6/23/16 7:27AM