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Airline stocks can make foreboding investments given the volume of news surrounding the airline industry. In the articles below, you will find airline news coverage with a focus on new aircraft orders and capital expenditures, union contract negotiations for pilots, flight attendants and ground crew, airline mergers and overall trends in airline industry revenue.

Additionally, you'll find consumer-focused coverage of airlines -- including baggage fees, interactions with the Transportation Security Administration and reviews of airports -- which, in time, may impact the price of airline shares and the perception of the airline industry as a whole.

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Spirit CEO Bob Fornaro says the airline needs new airplanes to keep growth rate high and will look at the Bombardier C-100.
10/25/16 12:08PM
American and Delta reported positive third-quarter unit revenue in Latin America, the only positive regional results reported by the big three U.S. carriers.
10/24/16 7:00AM
Alaska Air CEO Brad Tilden said the DOJ review of the Virgin America merger is taking longer than expected, but the deal will get done.
10/20/16 11:53AM
American shows a 1.8% gain in Latin America unit revenue and a 2.2% decline in total unit revenue.
10/20/16 8:38AM
United, after years of always being No. 3 among the top three airlines, seems ready under President Scott Kirby to fight back against American and Delta.
10/19/16 9:55AM
United Airlines beat third-quarter earnings estimates, but some analysts were disappointed by guidance on current quarter net revenue, costs and margin.
10/18/16 8:22AM
United will report earnings Monday and American will report Thursday; investors will likely focus on the October unit revenue outlook.
10/17/16 6:55AM
Alaska Airlines and Virgin America say they will keep talking merger with DOJ after a Monday deadline; source says deal will not be blocked.
10/15/16 4:10PM
Delta Air Lines had a stated goal to achieve positive unit revenue in 2016 -- now it's 2017.
10/14/16 6:55AM
Delta Air Lines beat third-quarter estimates but said it would not reach a goal of positive unit revenue in 2016. In 2017, Delta will grow capacity by just 1%.
10/13/16 8:00AM
Regulators may question whether Alaska needs 257 codeshares with American after a Virgin America merger, but JP Morgan still estimates the chance for approval to be 75%.
10/12/16 9:40AM
Boeing got an order for up to 100 aircraft from Qatar Airways, but the 777 order is heavily discounted and the 737MAX order may or may not be executed.
10/11/16 9:29AM
Regulatory approval for the merger between Alaska and Virgin America is widely expected, but experts anticipate that divestitures will be required.
10/10/16 6:50AM
As Hurricane Matthew approaches, airlines led by American and Delta have cancelled flights involving airports in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Service will return on Friday.
10/6/16 4:11PM
Most U.S. airline shares have shown stock market declines this year, but expectations mounted as shares rose during the third quarter.
10/4/16 2:59PM
American has been cutting back on its capacity growth, particularly at Boston Logan, where competitors Delta and JetBlue are growing, analysts say.
10/4/16 9:50AM
United Airlines' earnings call this month will introduce a largely new executive team headed by Scott Kirby, former American president.
10/3/16 6:45AM
Not surprisingly, support for Hillary Clinton among airline labor unions is strong. Clinton backs infrastructure spending and social programs while Donald Trump backs right-to-work laws.
9/29/16 8:05AM
American Airlines will merge its flight operating systems this weekend, a year after merging its reservations systems following the 2013 merger with US Airways.
9/26/16 6:45AM
American Airlines introduced a new top management structure on Monday and new uniforms Tuesday. Shares are up 41% since June 27.
9/21/16 6:45AM