How to Invest: Investing 101

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Learn How to Invest Your Money

Whether you've inherited a windfall or you're socking-away a little bit of money from each paycheck, one thought might be on your mind: How to invest.

Thankfully, learning how to invest is simpler that most folks realize. You don't need to be an active trader to be a successful investor -- in fact, for those new to investing (and even for seasoned investors), it's probably best to keep your "money moves" at a minimum.

While the saying holds true that the best time to start investing was "yesterday," don't feel rushed into making investments that you don't fully understand.

Take some time to read the articles below: They discuss the stock market, bond market, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other financial basics -- all written for beginners. Once you learn to invest, you can act with confidence and set yourself on a path to financial freedom.

Looking for More Advanced Concepts?

If you already have the basics of investing down pat, and you're more interested in actively-trading stocks, we have additional guides for you. For instance, you may enjoy these primers on technical analysis.

Looking for Basic Terms?

If you're having any difficulty following along in these guides, you may want to glance over our dictionary of financial terms. Here, you'll find nearly 200 definitions -- written in plain English -- that explain the most important terms tossed around daily on Wall Street.

Looking for Investment Ideas?

If you've made it through these guides (no cheating, folks) and are looking for some specific investment ideas (remember, skipping ahead is only cheating yourself), then give TheStreet Ratings a look. We rate over 20,000 mutual funds, 5,000 stocks and 1,000 ETFs.

Remember, don't take stock and fund recommendations as gospel -- instead, use them as a starting point for your own research. Successful investors have confidence in their own analysis. Never stop learning and trust in yourself.

Money Basics: Money 101

Investing Basics: Investing 101

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Mutual Fund Basics: Funds 101

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Commodities Basics: Commodities 101

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Investment Ideas

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1/30/18 12:39PM