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With bond yields scraping along all-time lows, the stock market nearing multi-year highs and a tenuous economic recovery, those who are retired or nearing retirement have a lot to think about. Below you will find links to our best investment ideas as well as interviews with professional investment advisers and strategies to secure your retirement.

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401ks and IRAs

The majority of taxpayers will get a tax refund, but it isn't free money. It's money that you've been prevented from spending for the past year, so here's how to hang onto it.
3/23/18 9:57PM
Facebook has gotten crushed this week -- but does it make sense for retirement investors to pull the trigger here at lower levels? This chart says it all.
3/23/18 4:09PM
General Electric stock continues to make new lows. However, there's no reason to believe that it has bottomed yet.
3/23/18 4:07PM
CD rates could soon be on the rise. Here are the pros and cons using them for retirement savings.
3/22/18 3:49PM
It's smart to have some growth and momentum stocks in your retirement account. Right now there are few better examples of both than Micron Technology.
3/21/18 4:00PM
General Electric stock is making new multi-year lows. Depending on the investor though, there are moves they can make to soften the blow.
3/21/18 3:18PM
Baby Boomers hitting retirement age may be exiting the workforce, but they're not the source of lagging workforce productivity.
3/21/18 10:02AM
Nearly 10 years after Bill Gates retired from his day-to-day role at Microsoft, here's what he can teach you.
3/20/18 5:18PM
A growing field of research is showing that technical tools can generate a huge advantage for your portfolio. Here's why keeping it simple could be the best way to chart your way to retirement profits.
3/20/18 3:14PM
Regardless of what the courts or Labor Department do about the fiduciary rule, retirement investors need to make sure their financial adviser delivers the best advice.
3/20/18 7:29AM
There are ways to avoid the risks that come with long-term care costs, with one of the most tax-efficient being the use of a traditional IRA.
3/20/18 7:25AM
Annie Duke, former World Series of Poker champ, references a bit from comedian Jerry Seinfeld to explain how to save for retirement. And, as with many things from the legendary observational comic, what Seinfeld says makes perfect sense.
3/19/18 6:10PM
Take a deep breath. Here are your smartest moves in every stage of saving.
3/19/18 3:44PM
REITs haven't gotten much attention in recent years, as real estate focused stocks have underperformed a roaring broader market. But with low interest rates and rising inflation risks, REITs deserve a second look.
3/19/18 3:03PM
A basket of cryptocurrencies could be an effective hedge against reserve currency weakness over the long term.
3/19/18 12:45PM