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An Introduction to Technical Analysis ^GSPC

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At its core, technical analysis is the study of the market itself, rather than the goods that trade in the market, in determining the investment-worthiness of a security. While fundamental analysts worry about a company's business attributes, technicians are primarily concerned with price and volume and with the supply and demand attributes that impact shares.

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The links below provide an introduction to technical analysis as well as trading ideas.

Technical Analysis Basics & Indicators

Technicals in the Morning

Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer of is joined by Brittany Umar for the Morning Call.
8/22/13 8:41AM
Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer of, brings you the Daily Recap with a look at the markets and where they may head. He also brings up the chart of Tesla Motors, the financials, and more.
8/21/13 4:57PM
Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer of is joined by Brittany Umar for the Morning Call. The S&P and Nasdaq got the oversold bounce we have been looking for to end a four-day losing streak, but the Dow slumped to a small loss thanks in part to a big positive to negative reversal from Home Depot (HD). Coming into this morning the market had only been at the same oversold levels once in 2013, and S&P futures were able to shrug off some weakness in world markets to post today's gains.
8/21/13 8:49AM

Technical Analysis Trade Ideas

The Semiconductor Sector reached a new 2017 peak Thursday but is fading Friday on heavy volume.
4/28/17 2:56PM
Over the last five sessions, Ingersoll-Rand has been one of the top 15 performers in the S&P 500.
4/27/17 3:25PM
Shares of asset manager State Street are on fire Wednesday following this morning's impressive earnings beat.
4/26/17 1:22PM
Apple has been dragging the rest of the market higher in 2017, and it's not about to stop this spring.
4/26/17 10:12AM
VIX decline since the first round of French elections fits a positive pattern.
4/26/17 6:10AM
These heavily shorted stocks could get squeezed sharply higher if they report positive earnings this week.
4/26/17 5:53AM
Shares of Northern Trust are challenging a major resistance zone following Tuesday mornings first-quarter earnings report.
4/25/17 2:34PM
Forget the rate hike narrative you've heard -- utility stocks have been one of the strongest sectors in 2017, and these four stocks are ready to rally from here.
4/25/17 10:26AM
A bearish engulfing candle and the technical indicators suggest the uptrend is at an end.
4/25/17 8:35AM
Defense company Raytheon shares are trading at new April highs ahead of Thursday's earnings report. Is a fresh rally leg on the way?
4/24/17 4:00PM