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Chevy Volt News

Given near-term positive outlook for sales, GM needs to be clearer on its reasons for a production halt.
3/5/12 7:29AM
Electric cars don't need the maintenance that gasoline-powered cars do, and that's not good for the car service business.
5/9/13 6:00AM
High-performance experts at BMW are giving Volt a huge endorsement by imitating its design.
3/12/12 7:42AM
GM should model Volt's marketing and sales on techniques used by Tesla, Apple and Facebook.
3/19/12 7:59AM
GM is planning a lower cost electric vehicle to compete more directly with the Nissan LEAF and others.
3/21/12 7:46AM
Here's how GM could hit or miss with its upcoming releases.
1/29/13 3:37PM
Government subsidies are a bad idea, but reports regarding the Volt give a false impression.
12/22/11 7:46AM
A look at which electric car is better suited for today's driver.
6/3/13 9:32AM
Why is GM making a small 2-door coupe when customers want something bigger?
12/18/12 11:57AM
GM is merely codifying what had been the real-world price for the past year.
8/6/13 11:42AM
Experience shows the hybrid car is likely to please most drivers.
11/25/11 9:13AM
Sales appear to have stalled, but the reasons have nothing to do with the car.
1/24/12 7:36AM
On an 1,100-mile journey through the mountains and deserts of the American West, the Volt shows off its long-range performance.
9/20/11 7:46AM
GM is investing millions to prepare the Volt 2.0 factory. Here is what we can expect about the car.
4/10/14 6:00AM
When it comes to these electric-gas cars, the verdict is complicated.
1/15/13 6:00AM