13F Filings - What Are Funds Buying and Selling?

An institutional investment manager that uses the U.S. mail (or other means or instrumentality of interstate commerce) in the course of its business, and exercises investment discretion over $100 million or more in Section 13(f) securities (explained below) must report its holdings on Form 13F with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Source: Securities and Exchange Commission

See what the biggest names in money management are buying and selling:

Recent 13F Filings

Fund managers have been scooping up shares of these five stocks, according to early 13F filings.
7/27/16 9:17AM
Investors are celebrating as the social-media giant crosses a rare and crucial threshold.
7/21/16 1:26PM
Final bids on Yahoo! (YHOO) are due today as the Silicon Valley Internet giant's business disappoints.
7/18/16 2:17PM
Softbank's $32 billion bid for ARM Holdings has provided a lift for the entire semiconductor sector.
7/18/16 10:14AM
Thai Direct, an authentic Thai meal kit company, delivers fresh authentic Thai ingredients with 20 minute recipes. Follow the Kickstarter link for their campaign information https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1728100051/thai-direct
7/17/16 7:17PM
First-ever detailed biography of one of the world's foremost Christian leaders
7/13/16 1:32PM
Lower share prices might make these five bank stocks look attractive, but their charts tell another story.
7/2/16 11:20AM
Honeywell (HON) stock is gaining after the company agreed to acquire Intelligrated, a supply chain automation provider, for $1.5 billion.
7/1/16 10:34AM
Apollo Global Management's deal to acquire Diamond Resorts for $2.2 billion should remind investors of Apollo's roots -- and Diamond's issues.
6/30/16 5:13PM
Soros calls a for radical overhaul of EU fiscal policy, plus more on how he hedged for Brexit.
6/30/16 11:47AM
Brexit apparently hasn't put a damper on the former SAC Capital chief's comeback.
6/28/16 8:40AM
Oil will likely head back to lows. Now's not the time to invest in master limited partnerships.
6/10/16 7:41AM
AstraZeneca (AZN) stock is lower in pre-market trading on Thursday after selling the marketing rights to certain anesthetics.
6/9/16 9:12AM
These five stocks have seen big selling from hedge funds recently.
6/8/16 7:53AM
Tesla (TSLA) stock is higher in mid-afternoon trading after investor Rob Baron said it could be one of the largest companies in the world.
6/7/16 2:18PM