13F Filings - What Are Hedge Funds Buying in 2013?

An institutional investment manager that uses the U.S. mail (or other means or instrumentality of interstate commerce) in the course of its business, and exercises investment discretion over $100 million or more in Section 13(f) securities (explained below) must report its holdings on Form 13F with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Source: Securities and Exchange Commission

See what the biggest names in money management are buying and selling:

Recent 13F Filings

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3/22/17 9:40AM
These heavily shorted stocks could get squeezed higher if they report positive earnings this week.
3/14/17 2:05PM
The decision to pull out of South Sudan contrasts with China's ongoing commitment to the UN mission
3/13/17 3:07AM
The treehouse proves that urban development and environmental protection need not be incompatible
3/13/17 12:15AM
Billionaire Bill Ackman has completely cashed out of his stake in animal health company Zoetis, instead making a big bet on fast food company Chipotle.
2/15/17 4:23PM
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2/15/17 3:02PM
Billionaire hedge fund manager Dan Loeb thinks rate-sensitive financials, a.k.a. bank stocks, are the way to go.
2/15/17 2:47PM
Carl Icahn has taken some time out from his chummy relationship with President Trump to do some stock buying.
2/15/17 2:39PM
Buffett did not increase Berkshire's stake in Coca-Cola.
2/15/17 12:00PM
Warren Buffett is swapping Walmart for airlines and Apple.
2/15/17 11:52AM
U.S. stock futures trade mixed Wednesday after Wall Street smashed records again on Tuesday, closing at all-time highs for the fourth session in a row.
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A few gems from Carlyle Group's recent filing.
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Gap is still looking for direction and faces mounting pressure from rivals.
2/7/17 11:05AM
The online health platform's prognosis is bleak, and the stock may not recover, unless it becomes an acquisition target.
2/2/17 12:10PM