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Cramer explains why the bulls may have gotten a break with Steve Bannon's departure from the White House, and also considers whether the alternate facts narrative has finally ended.
8/18/17 9:00PM
And here's some recommended reading for the president.
8/18/17 3:45PM
Estee Lauder has figured out something that so few really have.
8/18/17 12:53PM
What you need to know about stocks right now.
8/14/17 9:53AM
Here's what Cramer has learned about Intel.
8/14/17 6:52AM

Mad Money Recap

Markets don't always go up, which is why Jim Cramer wants you to know how to deal with major selloffs and unpredictability.
8/18/17 7:01PM
Jim Cramer is bullish on Novartis AG, Sirius XM Radio, Coupa Software and Juno Therapeutics.
8/18/17 6:27AM
Jim Cramer says the calendar and the momentum holders are coalescing to produce selling. Here's what investors should do about it.
8/18/17 6:23AM