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Toshiba selling their chip unit to Bain Capital is exactly what they feared.
9/21/17 8:11AM

Articles by Jim Cramer

Big food is under siege for a variety reasons. And as a result, shares of the biggest food names around could drop further.
9/25/17 7:00AM
Cramer reflects on why the magic of the food portion of the consumer-products stocks seems to be gone and also explores how China could affect the North Korea situation.
9/25/17 1:00AM
Cramer reflects on how to avoid becoming Amazon roadkill and also discusses why the Northrop-Orbital deal was more than just synergies.
9/25/17 1:00AM
Cramer explains that hurricanes Irma and Harvey busted the algorithms and also discusses how some deals have probably gone down during this administration.
9/22/17 9:00PM
Toshiba selling their chip unit to Bain Capital is exactly what they feared.
9/21/17 8:11AM

Mad Money Recap

Jim Cramer looks at the investment strategies you need to employ throughout your life.
9/23/17 6:37AM
Markets don't always go up, which is why Jim Cramer wants you to know how to deal with major selloffs and unpredictability.
9/22/17 6:28AM
Nvidia shares may be setting up for a pullback -- which could make for a buying opportunity.
9/21/17 7:01AM
Jim Cramer says sometimes investors need to grab the bull by the horns and buy, buy, buy.
9/21/17 6:50AM
Jim Cramer is bullish on STMicroelectronics, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Altria, and Array BioPharma.
9/21/17 6:33AM