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Interviews With Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer has some suggestions for President Trump following his meeting with the Big 3 automakers.
1/24/17 12:06PM
Jim Cramer likes Magellan and Kinder Morgan as President Trump pushes pipelines.
1/24/17 11:58AM
Jim Cramer says there are two main reasons why bank stocks could be the ones to own in 2017.
1/24/17 11:57AM

Articles by Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer says there are two main reasons why bank stocks could be the ones to own in 2017.
1/24/17 11:57AM
Jim Cramer says he'll be watching for what AT&T says about its DirecTV acquisition and how it's working out when the telecom giant reports quarterly results on Wednesday.
1/24/17 11:40AM
President Donald Trump wants to keep plants in the U.S., but Jim Cramer says the issue is complicated and could result in a higher cost for American-made goods.
1/23/17 11:38AM
Investors were selling shares of McDonald's following its earnings report but Jim Cramer says they should take a longer-term view.
1/23/17 11:35AM
Jim Cramer says Target has figured out its online strategy, but that may actually be hurting the retailer overall.
1/23/17 11:26AM

Mad Money Recap

Jim Cramer says Skyworks Solutions can continue its run as one of the hottest stocks in the S&P 500.
1/24/17 6:29AM
Jim Cramer says Procter & Gamble answered the two sell ratings it received last month with stellar results.
1/24/17 6:27AM
Jim Cramer looks for domestic stocks he thinks will benefit from lower taxes and deregulation in the Trump era.
1/24/17 6:21AM
Jim Cramer says the future doesn't look healthy for Fitbit, but he's bullish on Xilinx and T-Mobile.
1/24/17 6:17AM
Jim Cramer thinks Take-Two Interactive and Activision Blizzard have winning potential.
1/21/17 6:44AM