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Sick of tepid market returns? Aggressive investors with a tolerance for risk should consider this leveraged oil exchange-traded note.
9/27/16 2:29PM
Oil futures are up early this week, ahead of big OPEC meeting in Algeria.
9/27/16 11:29AM
As a near-term agreement on prices continues to go missing, oil futures spiked Monday.
9/27/16 11:09AM
Shares of the Swiss offshore driller were among the top of the S&P 500 Monday.
9/26/16 3:46PM
Oil rose Monday on speculation of a possible production cap but the realities of the market will keep it below $50 no matter what promises are made in Algeria.
9/26/16 1:27PM

Dan Dicker on Oil

Neither candidate has made natural gas a cornerstone of a new and necessary energy policy.
9/4/12 1:43PM
This is where the money will be made over the next several years.
6/18/12 10:15AM
For us here in the U.S., the likely dissent in the upcoming OPEC meetings will be a good thing.
6/5/12 2:30PM
Thinking of entering the energy sector? These drilling companies represent a great place to start.
5/24/12 1:55PM
Just in case you're clinging to old investing concepts, be particularly aware of these dramatic recent shifts.
5/21/12 10:20AM
As oil and gas prices went through the roof, where did the money go?
4/24/12 1:37PM
Sure, crude oil prices have taken a tumble recently, but hopes for a continued decline are overrated.
4/10/12 11:54AM
Prices for crude oil for delivery in 2015 point to a disturbing truth.
3/28/12 9:38AM
Saudi Arabia is doing everything it can to cool overheated crude oil prices. But its efforts are unlikely to derail a market that is trending strongly higher.
3/21/12 9:29AM
Dan Dicker urges readers to call their representatives in Congress to push for the passage of a natural gas bill that is up for a vote today.
3/13/12 12:53PM