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TheStreet reports on the unique world of China reverse takeover stocks and the losses investors have suffered in these investments -- the following stories are part of TheStreet's special investigative series, The Shanghai Numbers.

For many small retail investors who followed well-known investors into China, lulled by the highly flawed logic that sophisticated market players "must have done their due diligence," financial ruin has come.

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Chinese Reverse Merger Stock News

Muddy Waters Research alleges that Focus Media has been overstating the number of LCD screens in its network by 50%.
11/21/11 1:43PM
A-Power Energy joins the China stock trend. First, its auditor resigns then the exchange halts trading of company's shares.
7/1/11 4:28PM
The auditor of another Chinese reverse-merger company claims to have found evidence of an elaborate ruse to defraud investors.
6/24/11 1:50PM
Hear are some of the major headlines that have moved China small-cap stocks so far in 2011.
6/23/11 4:44PM
As the China-stock fraud scandal continues to widen, bulge-bracket banks and blue-chip fund managers are getting swept along for the ride.
6/23/11 2:53PM
A well-known short-seller who focuses on fraud among China stocks and reverse mergers was the victim of a hoax Tuesday
6/21/11 1:19PM
Wall Street still doesn't like the smell of Harbin Electric's LBO, which would become one of the first Chinese small-caps to remove itself from U.S. capital markets amid an ongoing fraud scandal.
6/20/11 4:32PM
Another Chinese reverse-merger stock, China-Biotics, fails to file its annual report, leading to yet another trading halt.
6/16/11 1:04PM
Morgan Stanley's private-equity arm goes contrarian, agreeing to invest $50 million in Yongye International amid a raft of fraud scandals among Chinese small caps.
5/31/11 10:07AM
Con artists in the C-suite have used the same types of accounting fraud for eons. Here's what investors should know about the methods of the corporate crook.
5/26/11 12:57PM
The demise of China MediaExpress has caused a lot of pain, a lot of gain -- and the conversion of one vehement China bull.
5/20/11 6:01AM
Kingtone Wirelessinfo, whose chairman and founder is the chairman and founder of a Chinese reverse-merger company being probed by the SEC, rings Nasdaq's opening bell.
5/16/11 9:12AM
Nasdaq submits a proposal to the SEC asking regulators to toughen listing requirements for reverse-merger companies.
4/25/11 2:43PM
Universal Travel becomes the latest Chinese small-cap company to announce that its auditor has resigned after it raised accounting red flags.
4/15/11 1:48PM
A Los Angeles investment firm has recently seen four Chinese companies it helped bring public have trading in their shares halted.
4/7/11 8:02AM
A Los Angeles investment firm has recently seen four Chinese companies it helped bring public have trading in their shares halted.
4/7/11 8:01AM
The SEC commissioner singles out Chinese reverse-merger stocks in a speech Monday, calling revelations of rampant fraud 'a disturbing trend.'
4/4/11 5:27PM
Duoyuan Global Water CFO Stephen Park is resigning. The news follows accusations of fraud against the company in a research report released by a short- seller.
4/4/11 5:05PM
TheStreet monitors the biggest declining shares in the China small-cap industry.
4/4/11 12:32PM
After all, the country offers the best risk-reward profile in the world.
4/4/11 6:30AM
The NYSE has applied to delist shares of the troubled Duoyuan Printing as a raft of Chinese small-cap companies suffer trading halts and delisting notices.
3/29/11 11:09AM
Fuqi International says Nasdaq will likely delist its stock, demoting the equity to the Pink Sheets.
3/28/11 8:31AM
Orient Paper discloses that it will need to re-audit its 2008 results after it discovered that its audit firm at the time was unlicensed.
3/24/11 9:53AM
A research analyst who had long defended China MediaExpress, the Chinese advertising company now embroiled in a developing fraud scandal, has left her position at Global Hunter Securities.
3/18/11 5:26PM
Orient Paper shares soar 20% after the tiny Chinese paper company issues fourth-quarter results that encourage bullish investors to buy up the name.
3/16/11 12:32PM
A day after China MediaExpress says its CFO and audit firm have resigned, a handful of small-cap Chinese stocks sold off sharply.
3/16/11 9:31AM
Controversial China MediaExpress appears to vindicate its critics Monday after it announces the resignation of its CFO and audit firm amid a burgeoning accounting scandal.
3/14/11 6:33PM
The CEO of China Security & Surveillance again tells the world of his desire to take his company private -- but this time he names a price, sending the company's shares soaring.
3/8/11 2:05PM
One of the key stock-transfer agents in the world of Chinese reverse mergers is censured by SEC after the 75-year-old father of the agent's founder and president misappropriated $2.7 million from the firm.
3/4/11 1:03PM
The investigation of a pump-and-dump scheme by federal authorities has spurred regulators to kick a Chinese reverse-merger company out of the United States.
2/11/11 4:51PM
After China MediaExpress shares slide, Zheng Cheng defends the company against fraud allegations.
2/7/11 10:34AM
China MediaExpress denies a short-seller's fraud claims, noting the questionable timing of the allegations.
2/4/11 2:08PM
As more and more Chinese small-cap companies come under attack as fraudulent, an alleged pump-and-dump scam involving Chinese reverse-merger stocks came to light earlier this week.
2/4/11 8:00AM