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Nektar plans to out-license the experimental opioid NKTR-181 to a partner for continued development.
3/20/17 7:30AM
Is Repatha's $14,000 price tag justified by the magnitude of the drug's benefit to patients, measured by a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes?
3/17/17 10:38AM
PTC Therapeutics already sells a drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy that does not work. Now, the drug maker is buying a second, approved Duchenne drug mired in a price-gouging controversy.
3/16/17 10:54AM
AstraZeneca's PARP inhibitor Lynparza delayed the recurrence of ovarian cancer by more than two years compared to a placebo.
3/14/17 3:43PM
The deal announced Tuesday gives Allergan exclusive access to five Editas programs aimed at serious, inherited eye diseases.
3/14/17 9:59AM
Aurinia executives don't manage the business to serve the interest of traders and their desire to flip the stock for a few bucks' profit.
3/14/17 9:01AM
Despite all the prior failures and blowups, an Alzheimer's drug study -- no matter how unlikely to succeed -- remains an irresistible lure for some investors.
3/13/17 12:51PM
Gottlieb is the preferred FDA Commissioner pick of the drug industry and healthcare investors.
3/10/17 2:22PM
TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein answers reader questions about biotech stocks.
3/10/17 7:37AM
The firms all have drugs they want the feds to bend the rules to approve.
3/8/17 12:40PM
The convenience of a once-daily version of Kalydeco is important to Vertex because it has the potential to simplify dosing of combination regimens the company has in development.
3/6/17 7:01AM
The newly reconstituted Immunomedics board is likely to start a search for a new CEO and could either renegotiate the IMMU-132 deal with Seattle Genetics or cancel it.
3/3/17 12:21PM
TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein answers reader questions about biotech stocks.
3/3/17 7:33AM
The latest setback occurred in a phase III study of cystic fibrosis patients, where treatment with ataluren over 48 weeks failed to improve lung function compared to a placebo.
3/2/17 9:31AM
Roche shares surged in Zurich Thursday after the Swiss drugmaker said trials of its key breast cancer drug showed solid results when compared to chemotherapy.
3/2/17 6:36AM
Aurinia has designed a phase III study of voclosporin in lupus nephritis that aims to replicate the results observed in the phase II study.
3/1/17 4:05PM
Absent specific policy details, Trump's speech leaves investors guessing about his real plans for the FDA and the drug approval process. He has not yet named an FDA commissioner.
3/1/17 8:12AM
Kite intends to submit a marketing application for KTE-C19 to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by the end of March.
2/28/17 8:01AM
Current drugs approved to prevent and reduce the frequency of HAE swelling attacks require injections, so BioCryst's once-daily pill has the potential to be more convenient.
2/27/17 10:02AM
The company intends to submit a marketing application for LJPC-501 to the FDA in the second half of the year, pending the outcome of a meeting with regulators.
2/27/17 8:10AM
Trevena intends to submit the new painkiller, known as oliceridine, for marketing approval with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the fourth quarter, the company said.
2/21/17 9:07AM
Ozanimod is part of Celgene's strategy to grow its inflammation and immunology business as a diversification hedge away from Revlimid, the blockbuster blood cancer drug.
2/17/17 8:39AM
TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein answers reader questions about biotech stocks.
2/17/17 7:44AM
Less than two years later, Alexion is not getting the bang for the mega-bucks it put up for Synageva.
2/16/17 10:38AM