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Investors once OK with waiting patiently for a Gilead rebound are growing frustrated, even angry, at the company's lack of progress.
8/31/16 7:27AM
The 18% response rate for fostamatinib in the Rigel phase III study was on the lower end of investor expectations.
8/30/16 7:44AM
The drugmaker says it will launch the product in 'several weeks' at a list price of $300 per two-park carton.
8/29/16 12:04PM
Nymox will not be successful in convincing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (or its counterpart in Europe) to approve fexapotide to treat men with enlarged prostates.
8/26/16 2:23PM
An Amgen drug to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism was rejected by U.S. regulators Wednesday but the biotech company offered no public explanation for why the drug's marketing application was denied.
8/25/16 9:27AM
The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index fell 3.5% heading into Wednesday's close, with the loss triggered by a statement from Clinton's presidential campaign blasting Mylan for 'outrageous' pricing of the EpiPen.
8/24/16 3:44PM
Shares of biotech micro-cap Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals have doubled in price in the past 10 days. Call it the Lloyd Christmas effect.
8/22/16 12:36PM
Acquiring Medivation will strengthen Pfizer's oncology franchise, which has lost ground in recent years to some Big Pharma competitors.
8/22/16 7:07AM
TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein answers reader questions about biotech stocks.
8/12/16 7:01AM
The cancer immunotherapy company's cash position has plunged to the point where it may no longer be capable of paying its operating expenses.
8/11/16 10:41AM
A cancer immunotherapy shocker has Bristol-Myers Squibb tumbling and rival Merck soaring on Friday morning.
8/5/16 10:36AM
TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein answers reader questions about biotech stocks.
8/5/16 7:01AM
The big bounce in Biogen's valuation over the past month would likely bake in a good chunk of the upside premium that could come from any takeover offer.
8/3/16 7:01AM
The new deals signal a long-term commitment from two of the largest biotech companies to focus on cancer immunotherapy as a platform for future growth.
8/2/16 10:21AM
An experimental treatment for a rare, children's spine disorder developed by Ionis achieved the primary endpoint of a late-stage clinical trial, triggering Biogen to exercise a partnership option.
8/1/16 12:51PM
The negative study results from Seres are a setback for companies trying to harness the power of bacteria to treat diseases.
7/29/16 9:49AM
TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein answers reader questions about biotech stocks.
7/29/16 7:01AM
Celgene posted second-quarter earnings which exceeded analyst consensus expectations by a small margin but enough to raise guidance for the remainder of the year.
7/28/16 8:02AM
BMN 270 is one of the most important drugs in Biomarin's research pipeline and key driver of future revenue and earnings.
7/27/16 3:47PM
A small group of Alzheimer's patients treated with Anavex 2-73 are exhibiting signs of memory loss, faltering cognition and inability to take care of themselves over time.
7/27/16 2:38PM
A TauRx Therapeutics drug designed to dissolve tangles of a protein called tau in the brain failed to slow cognitive and functional declines of Alzheimer's patients compared with a control.
7/27/16 8:00AM
When your top line declines, it's harder to convince investors it's okay to wait years see if a partnership in an early-stage biotech company delivers a home-run drug.
7/26/16 10:34AM
Celgene will not seek approval for Revlimid as a maintenance therapy for patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma based on the lack of a survival benefit in a clinical trial.
7/25/16 5:06PM
Gilead's stock trades at a discount to other biotech peers because its drug research pipeline lacks the blockbusters needed to make up for slowing sales from its hepatitis C franchise.
7/25/16 4:20PM