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After 16 years writing about biotech stocks for TheStreet, it's time for this writer to say goodbye and thank you.
6/13/17 1:01PM
Hope springs eternal, until it's dashed on the rocks and buried at sea.
6/5/17 11:55PM
Rivals Kite Pharma and Novartis are still out in front, but updated efficacy and safety data from Juno's JCAR017 program in patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma are very competitive.
6/5/17 9:00AM
100% response rate with zero relapses are the latest update from Bluebird's BB2121 study in multiple myeloma patients.
6/5/17 7:30AM
This will be the investors' verdict on the results of Roche's APHINITY study of Perjeta in adjuvant breast cancer treatment that were released Monday morning.
6/5/17 7:30AM
Incyte's actions are another reminder that biotech companies carefully groom and manage the clinical data they want investors to see, even at important, open medical meetings like ASCO.
6/4/17 6:22PM
Incyte and Merck are combining two cancer immunotherapy drugs to treat patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
6/3/17 9:00AM
The Loxo data also represent another advance for precision cancer medicine, in which patients are treated with drugs that target specific tumor mutations, regardless of where the cancer originates.
6/3/17 7:30AM
A head-to-head showdown in metastatic breast cancer and the Roche APHINITY data are next key events for Puma.
5/25/17 11:18AM
An FDA advisory panel is reviewing Puma's breast cancer drug neratinib.
5/24/17 7:41AM
The lack of "OMG" bombshells in the FDA's neratinib review are a Monday win for Puma bulls, and the stock is soaring.
5/22/17 10:41AM
Amgen's osteoporosis setback will likely be seen as providing a commercial boost to Radius Health, which secured U.S. approval in April for a competing osteoporosis drug, Tymlos.
5/22/17 9:44AM
LJPC-501 reversed dangerously low blood pressure in patients suffering from a severe form of shock, but the drug did not improve total organ function or reduce mortality.
5/22/17 7:13AM
The new Incyte data revealed ahead of the ASCO meeting in June involve combination therapies with Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb in multiple types of cancer.
5/18/17 1:03PM
The drug companies engineering T-cells to recognize and kill cancer, otherwise known as chimeric antigen receptor T-cells, or CAR-Ts, will be busy at the ASCO annual meeting in June.
5/17/17 5:10PM
The new Merck survival data were included in a research abstract for next month's American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting that was distributed on Wednesday night.
5/17/17 5:05PM
The new enasidenib data -- improved tumor response rate but shorter duration -- were made public on Wednesday night in a research abstract.
5/17/17 5:02PM
Monday's licensing deal is a nice win for Akebia because Fresenius is the largest dialysis provider in North America, serving approximately 40% of dialysis patients in the U.S.
5/15/17 4:05PM
The clinical trial shutdown ordered by regulators in its own country casts another shadow of doubt over AB Science at a most inopportune time.
5/12/17 8:29AM
XBiotech offered no reason for Thornburg's resignation, but he left two weeks after European regulators issued a preliminary recommendation to reject the application for the company's colon cancer drug Xilonix.
5/11/17 8:31AM
Keytruda is now the only PD-1 or PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor approved to treat first-line lung cancer either as monotherapy or as part of a combination therapy.
5/10/17 5:29PM
Will the FDA revoke Roche's accelerated approval for Tecentriq in bladder cancer?
5/10/17 4:02PM
A presentation on May 18 will shed more light on the efficacy and safety of AB Science's ALS drug masitinib.
5/9/17 8:26AM
The death rattled Kite investors because death from brain swelling, or cerebral edema, is the same severe toxic event that scuttled a competing CAR-T therapy from Juno Therapeutics.
5/8/17 10:06AM