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This year, Black Friday falls on November 26, 2010. TheStreet analyzes the best Black Friday deals and offers predictions on which retailers will underperform, market perform, and outperform. Bookmark this page for the latest deals, ads, and retail trading ideas.

Black Friday Deals and Ads

>> 9 Black Friday Deals: Are Retailers Giving Sales Away?
Retailers are going punch-for-punch this holiday season, trying to one-up each other with discounts ahead of the Black Friday rush.

>> 10 Best Black Friday Tech Deals

Apple doesn't go for bargains, but Google and Microsoft certainly do. Here are tech's best Black Friday deals.

>> 10 Top Holiday Toys 2010: Where to Find the Best Price
What are the top 10 toys of the year? What toy will be this year's Zhu Zhu Pets or Tickle Me Elmo? And where can you find them for the lowest price?

Black Friday Stock Picks

>> 6 Black Friday Buys: Retail Earnings Reveal Holiday Winners
We offer a look at retailers whose third-quarter earnings results make the stock a Black Friday buy.

>> Black Friday Trade: Best Buy
As pricing war escalates in electronics, Janney Capital Markets analyst David Strasser says discounting may not play the role most investors assume.

>> Black Friday Teen Retail Stocks
Which teen retailer will win Black Friday? Needham analyst Christine Chen stacks up American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale in the race for holiday sales.

>> Black Friday Retail Stocks: Wal-Mart vs. Target
Which discount retail stock will win Black Friday? Wall Street Strategies analyst Brian Sozzi dissects Wal-Mart and Target.

Retail Sales and Holiday Hiring

>> Black Friday by the Numbers
This year, the National Retail Federation expects that 138 million shoppers will hit the mall on Nov. 26, up 4% from its forecast in 2009.

>> 9 Companies Hiring for the Holidays
Santa Claus is bringing jobs -- and delivering a brief reprieve from decrepit unemployment numbers in the form of holiday helpers.

>> Black Friday Forecasts: Are They Just Making This Stuff Up?
Black Friday has created a lot of noise, but are there any solid facts within all the forecasts?