Hindenburg Omen Tracker - A Technical Indicator

The Hindenburg Omen is a feared technical indicator that can signal an upcoming stock market crash (the indicator has been tripped prior to past crashes, but it is known for generating false positives).

The Hindenburg Omen is only valid in a rising market -- as measured by the NYSE composite rolling average over the past 10 weeks; the number of stocks at a 52-week high must not be more than twice those stocks at a 52-week low, and the Hindenburg set of apocalyptic conditions must occur twice in a 30-day period.

In August of 2010, the Hindenburg indicator has been tripped twice within a 30-day period, arousing the curiosity of economists, traders, and investors alike. As part of TheStreet's coverage of the Hindenburg Omen, we've compiled a collection of opinions and investing strategies, listed below.

Hindenburg Omen - 2010 Signals

Hindenburg Omen - Investing Strategies

Hindenburg Omen - Latest News

Economists claim the recession ended more than a year ago, but Main Street is saying that the formulas from the academics don't reflect reality.
9/28/10 8:39AM
The ominously named Hindenburg Omen occurs for a second time, sparking fears that a stock market crash is coming.
9/22/10 10:27AM
The economic recession ended more than a year ago, according to a new economy policy analysis from an elite group of academic economists known as NBER.
9/20/10 11:38AM
At the start of the week, investors tapped Philip Morris to outperform 52-week-high-stocks this week, but Brazilian brewer AmBev leads the group.
9/20/10 7:08AM