Mortgage Mayhem

Mortgage Modification Scams Exposed - Mortgage Mayhem by TheStreet

Mortgage Modification Scam: A Cautionary Tale

Editor's note: Millions of Americans continue to struggle to keep their homes despite the U.S. government's rescue efforts in the form of the Home Affordable Modification Plan (HAMP).

This series of stories exposes the failures, the ongoing efforts of the government and the banks to address the problems, the opportunistic enterprises that sprang up to offer help or in some case just to make a dime and the plight of the homeowners who have been caught in the middle.

Mortgage Mayhem

Go behind the scenes with TheStreet for an exclusive look at the biggest capital markets drama of 2010.
1/3/11 10:37AM
As banks get down in the trenches to help borrowers take mortgage debt down a notch, second liens still stand in the way of successful home-loan workouts for many.
8/20/10 7:00AM
The banking industry has taken a great deal of time to help troubled homeowners, doing a poor job by some accounts.
8/20/10 7:00AM
The government's ineffectual mortgage modification program has prompted individuals like Rosemary Lundgren to look for help elsewhere, often with disastrous results.
8/19/10 7:01AM
While banks and regulators have frittered away precious time, others have sensed opportunity in the rubble of the housing market.
8/19/10 7:00AM
Treasury Department spokeswoman Andrea Risotto responds to specific criticisms about the "Making Home Affordable" program.
8/18/10 7:02AM
The government's Home Affordable Modification Program's mission is to offer mortgage modifications, but banks have found ways to work around it, leaving many borrowers vulnerable to scams.
8/18/10 7:01AM

Barack Obama Mortgage Plan

Obama announces $145 million plan to help foreclosure crisis in California
President Barack Obama has signed into law the most sweeping economic package in decades. On Wednesday he plans to unveil a plan to stem foreclosures.
In hard-hit Nevada, Obama urges Congress to act on behalf of stressed homeowners
Fannie Mae says February's refinancing volume grows threefold to $41 billion over January
Obama adviser: Gov't moving carefully on many fronts, not overwhelmed by economic turmoil
Local economies along the campaign trail may get a boom for a few days when a candidate passes through. But what are the candidate's economic plans for the next four years —their differences and their many, many, many similarities?
Mortgage executives acknowledge troubles in Obama foreclosure prevention program
Obama pushes homeownership in Arizona, says housing industry's upturn is 'not an accident'
Obama urges people to take advantage of low mortgage rates by refinancing their homes
Treasury approves $600M in housing aid to 5 states with high unemployment