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Interviews With CEOs

Procter & Gamble has been making all sorts of news for the past month, but not because of a host of cool new products. No, because of an ugly board battle with activist investor Nelston Peltz. TheStreet talks exclusively with P&G CEO David Taylor about the company and Peltz.
9/22/17 5:17PM
PayPal's stock has been on a tear this year for several reasons. Chief among them is that the company is reinventing itself in the age of digital payments. PayPal as just a company that lets you buy stuff in a retail store is no longer the case.
9/20/17 12:31PM
Tracy Byrnes sat down with Carly Fiorina to talk all things Alpha Rising -- including leadership and her definition of gender parity.
9/11/17 7:37AM
Percival says women are so underrepresented in the tech industry that feeling 'a sense of belonging' is challenging.
8/22/17 11:52AM
Can you get a sense of the economy by hanging out at a bar? Scott Gerber thinks you can.
5/14/17 6:00PM
Female representation among the top 10% of earners at the NAFE top companies increased 2% to 41%, the highest since 2013.
5/14/17 8:59AM
CEO Rick Smith said police spend more time on paperwork and bureaucracy than policing communities.
4/5/17 12:49PM
Iger will remain as the chief executive and chairman until July 2019.
3/24/17 11:51AM
Schultz envisioned 'a social environment where people not only came for great coffee, but also to connect to a certain culture.'
3/20/17 10:44AM
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is looking for a new chief operating officer after weeks of scandals.
3/20/17 7:59AM
Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is under consideration to become the next CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
3/17/17 2:53PM
United recently announced it will add or increase service to six destinations from O'Hare.
3/15/17 1:28PM
The mining industry may be ready to embrace another new technology, this time it's Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.
3/13/17 11:48AM
IT services company Presidio debuted on the Nasdaq on Friday, priced at $14 a share.
3/10/17 12:30PM

Executives in the News

The activist fund's Josh Frank discusses why he believes the packaged goods company's innovation engine is broken.
9/22/17 1:06PM
What do Kiss rock legend Gene Simmons, money gurus Mohamed El-Erian and Liz Ann Sonders, Kevin O'Leary and Megadeth's Dave Mustaine have in common? Read & sign up for the TheStreet's video newsletter Rewind to find out.
9/16/17 9:04AM
Carly Fiorina announces her decision not to run for the Senate. The former GOP Presidential candidate opens up about the lack of leadership in Washington, term limits, tax reform, North Korea, the opioid epidemic and how she defines gender parity.
9/8/17 12:18PM
TheStreet talked with the CEO about Cisco's push for gender and racial diversity in light of the sexist memo circulated at Google.
8/21/17 7:34AM
"Family first, country second, JPMorgan literally last," Dimon says.
8/8/17 12:30PM
Blankfein said his firm is 'on the balls of its feet' trying to compete with other firms who have performed better in FICC.
8/2/17 9:47AM
CEO Katia Beauchamp Tells Alpha Rising How She Revolutionized How We Buy Beauty
7/24/17 12:52PM
If approved, it could be available as early as March.
7/21/17 10:49AM

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