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United shares were in a steep climb after the company hired away rival American Airline's CEO.
8/30/16 5:32PM
Scott Kirby's hiring at United Continental is a good move, but may not be enough to help the stock, according to Jim Cramer.
8/30/16 12:06PM
Shares of Samsonite International were higher Tuesday as the company expects an improvement in the second half of the year.
8/30/16 10:40AM
When traveling abroad, buy a third-party insurance plan. That's the path to safe travels.
8/27/16 12:20PM
Forget playing the airline miles game. Smart travelers now have their eyes on hotel programs.
8/27/16 12:19PM
Not only are airfares at their cheapest from now until about Thanksgiving, but even international destinations are accessible at a discount.
8/24/16 11:58AM
The Andalusian cellars where sherry is made offer a fascinating array of wines in different stages of development. Even among veteran sherry producers, the aging process inspires joy and awe.
8/23/16 2:41PM
Just because the National Parks Service preserves our nation's pristine natural treasures doesn't mean you have to rough it to enjoy them.
8/21/16 11:20AM
As the National Park Service celebrates its Centennial anniversary, here's a look at some of the national park lodges most beloved by travelers.
8/20/16 11:20AM
The app allows consumers to create and edit a playlist of leading stories.
8/17/16 9:22AM
With a new UNESCO report predicting a frightening future for many World Heritage Sites, experts suggest visiting locations on your bucket list sooner rather then later.
8/16/16 11:36AM
These resorts offer unique yoga classes and programs in spectacular settings.
8/14/16 12:01PM
From coast to coast, the tourism industry is responding to the Pokémon Go craze with events and opportunities designed specifically to attract players.
8/14/16 11:00AM
Austin City Limits, Desert Trip and more lead the way for top-priced music festival tickets this fall.
8/13/16 12:20PM
It isn't the number of resorts or visitors that makes a beach vacation destination expensive: It's the cost of importing relatively simple items like sunscreen.
8/13/16 11:20AM